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Why You Should Consider Smart Lights With Gooee

Smart lighting incorporates a mix of different technologies so that your home lighting will adjust and power off during certain conditions. Smart lights can be programmed to turn on when you enter a room, to dim or change color during a certain time of day or scheduled on and off periods for outdoor lighting.

Gooee has one of the smallest sensors for their smart lighting systems. Gooee is basid in Santa Clara, CA and they contracted the microchip sensors to be made from Delta Microelectronics. Gooee implements the sensors within the LED lights to be connected to the Internet as a part of their Full-Stack platform. Their platform will feature a set of software utilities to manage and monitor your home lighting system.

Their lighting system is classified as Internet of Things technology. The IoT concept is to tie together household products like lamps, microwaves, doors, televisions to the Internet. Gooee’s IoT lighting can be programmed to react to certain events such as a door opening or a person leaving their bed for example. There are also potential for motion sensors to detect if a room is occupied by people or to react to temperature and lighting changes.

Gooee’s chips will feature Artificial Eye technology that was invented by Delta Microelectronics. The chip works like a human eye and can detect light. This technology can be implemented into technologies like artificial intelligence, 3D motion control or eye protection products.

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