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Why People Like George Soros are Important

George Soros has just caused newspapers all over the world to change their headlines. They all wanted to report on the amazing story of his amazing donation to charity. What makes this amazing is that it surpasses some of the largest donations ever made in history. There is no doubt that George Soros was planning this for a long time, and indeed, a spokesperson for the Open Society Foundation confirmed that this is something that has been in the making for a few years. Some speculate that it is part of the estate planning process that George is now taking care of.

Perhaps you are wondering just how much George actually donated to charity. The answer will surprise and delight you at the same time. George just donated eighteen billion dollars to charity. This is not including the other two billion dollars that he is expected to donate in the coming years. This is also not including the hundreds of millions of dollars that George has been donating every year now for such a long time. Here is the reality. George has donated thirty four billion dollars all in all. That is a lot more than anyone else can even dream of. The reality is that George did this at his own expense and at the expense of his fame. George knew that doing this would make him fall down several spots on the Forbes 400 list. However, he did it anyway, because he knew that it is the right thing to do.

The problem really lies with the demonization of philanthropy as it has been promoted by right wing conspiracy theorists who want to blame George Soros for everything. The fact is that George is doing a lot of good in this world. These paranoid extremists better start looking inward and realizing that they are not helping our society by attacking the one man who has done so much for society. In fact, as the President of the Ford Foundation said, no other organization has done more for society than the Open Society Foundations, which George Soros founded and to which he just donated the eighteen billion dollars to. According to The Atlantic, the demonization of philanthropists has a history. The Atlantic claims that philanthropists have always been persecuted and demonized by society. In fact, they say, philanthropy used to be used to talk about activists who pushed specific causes. It was only in the nineteenth century when philanthropy started to take on the meaning of large scale contributions to charity. This may have nothing to do with the root of the word, but the fact remains that it helps out society in a way that small donations by people of average means can not. Both large scale advocacy and large scale donations both help out society in a way that is adequate, unlike small donations which do not do much in the grand scale of things. That is why people like George Soros are so important. They help shape society and help move it forward in a way that others can not.

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