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Who is Anthony Petrello?

Anthony G. Petrello is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of Nabors Industries Ltd. based in Hamilton, Bermuda. The company is the world’s largest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor. It operates in United States, Far East, Middle East and Africa. Anthony Petrello, also known as Tony, has a significant role in the development of Nabors Industries which started as Anglo Energy, Ltd. in 1968.

Anthony Petrello is a graduate of Harvard University and Yale University. He acquired J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. From Yale University, he acquired BS and MS degrees in Mathematics. Anthony Petrello’s professional journey began in 1979 when he joined the law firm, Baker & McKenzie. From 1986 to 1991, he held the position of Managing Partner of the firm’s New York office. In 1991, he joined Nabors Industries as Chief Operating Officer. In 1992, he also became the President of the company. In 2003, he became the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries and held this position until June 2012. In 2011, Anthony became the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Since 2012, he is the Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries. Since February 2011, he is also the Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. Anthony Petrello also served as Director of, and he is also the current Director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Anthony Petrello’s total calculated compensation for FY 2015 is $27,512,939. Out of which, he received $1,580,077 as salary, $7,727,000 as bonus, $16,863,656 as stock and $1,342,206 as different kinds of compensation.

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Lloyd Grove was Anthony’s college roommate who wrote an article about him which was published in The Daily Beast. Grove was very curious when he saw the list of highest paid people in the world. The name on the No. 01 spot looked familiar, so he browsed the website of Nabors Industries to confirm it was Tony—Anthony Petrello’s nickname. According to him, Anthony was skinny scholarship kid from Newark with a thick Jersey accent. He was an Italian-American with extrovert personality who was very fond of pizza. He further said that Anthony used to enjoy joking about his family and was quick to laugh during mealtime with his friends. According to Grove, Anthony was naturally very good at mathematics. He was the favorite student of Prof. Serge Lang who himself was a renowned world class mathematician.

Due to lack of blood flow and oxygen to the brain, she developed PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) which further developed into cerebral palsy. As a result, Carena has developmental delay issues. This motivated Anthony and his wife Cynthia to find answers to this problem. Therefore, the couple works with Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. They donated $5 million as a lead donation, and they lead the fundraising efforts for this research initiative.

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