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What is the History of the Texas Bankers Association?

The Texas Bankers Association (TBA) has been around for more than a century, leading in the development of the state’s financial industry. Many Dallas residents have been blessed by this organization’s lobbying efforts. The November 2016 Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference was the 5th such meeting of this influential institution.

Texas Bankers Association History

On July 23, 1885 the Texas Bankers Association was established at the modern town of Lampasas. This is the oldest state banker’s association in the United States. The first delegation included thirty-one bankers from twenty-two cities.

First National Bank cashier Frank R. Malone hosted the delegates. Early topics of interest included chartering state banks, the gold standard and business development. The TBA also ensured that Dallas was selected as one of the Federal Reserve branches. As the state has developed, the bankers have been at the forefront of promoting agriculture, energy, manufacturing and international deep water ports.

At the November 2016 meeting, NexBank CEO John Holt spoke on the panel named “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” Technology has allowed the bankers to offer financing options that are more specifically tailored to the exact needs of the borrowers. Real-time capital flow might be needed by certain individuals and businesses to compete in the modern world.

Innovative Financial Products

The diversified product mix of NexBank allows it to respond to a variety of borrower needs. Some of the more astute individuals, businesses and institutions might own Treasury Notes. NexBank has Treasury Notes institutional services, allowing you to manage, buy and sell these securities.

The Texas Bankers Association has been key to the growth of the state. Its business friendly environment is partially due to the banker’s input. NexBank is proud to have had a representative at this prestigious organization’s annual conference.


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