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Vijay Eswaran Teachings on Leadership

Vijay Eswaran is a vivid leader and entrepreneur. The future author has lived a fearless life right from college. He worked in the taxi company while pursuing his degree. Eswaran implemented concepts learned in class to run a profitable business.

Professional Background

In 1986, Vijay Eswaran started working at the multi-level marketing (MLM). He was still a student taking his MBA program at that moment. The business leader was keen to master the MLM models since he had plans of venturing into the sector. In 1998, Mr. Eswaran established an MLM firm that grew into the reputable QI group. Just like any other entrepreneur, he had a work plan throughout his endeavors.

Motivational Work

Vijay Eswaran is at the frontline to aid others to become like him. He believes that every individual has the potential to make it in life. In his inspirational efforts, he has written various books and articles to guide and motivate investors. The renowned author advises entrepreneurs to set specific and achievable goals. They should be willing and confident to implement their resources to accomplish objectives.

Teachings on Leadership

According to Eswaran, a true leader as an individual with a vested interest in serving people. True servant leaders find their purpose in service to those expected to work for them. They possess the following traits:


According to Vijay Eswaran, a servant leader is one who recognizes that workers are their true assets. They take care of the employee’s will and consider their interests when making decisions. The executives care without condition, restraint, or constraint. Employees working in such environment deliver excellent customer services.

Vision Clarity

A servant leader should understand their objectives and purpose to have a clear vision for the company. They work together with the team to accomplish a common goal. Communication is essential in any entity that wishes to prosper.

Core Values

Servant leaders need values to uphold their role. The core values define a company and its executives. They must be compassionate, honest, and accommodative to fit in this position. These values are important to organizational culture and growth.


Time is the most significant investment a developer can give their people. The workers enjoy handling projects with their leaders and this develops a personal and professional relationship. They help employees to realize their full potential.

Simply put, actions determine whether one is a real servant leader. You must be ready to sacrifice for others to benefit. Vijay Eswaran advocates for such leadership.

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