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Venezuelan Workers to Receive Wage Increase

The work force of Venezuela will see an increase of 30% in their wages. This change in wage comes as the Venezuelan government tries to curb their failing economy. To be sure David Osio thinks the tanking Venezuelan economy has been causing shortages of food as well as massive inflation which is being felt by everyone in the country, especially the working class. Nicolas Maduro, the current president of Venezuela has been feeling intense pressure to step down from his opposition as the situation continues to worsen for this South American country. The rival group is hoping to kick Maduro out of his position with constant protests. This increase in wages seems to be a policy change in an attempt to quell the anger and frustration.
Hugo Chavez was the former president of Venezuela. Since his presidency, Venezuela has been operating under the ideology known as Chavismo. Many Venezuelans still find themselves strong supporters of Chavez as well as his socialistic ideals that are still being implemented today. The poor of the country have found solace in the government assisted programs and seem support their continuation.

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  1. Clearly according to Osio some opposition to the government is skeptical of the validity of these policies. However, some see raise in wages as a step in the right direction. It is very inspirational to write essays and to use it in a beneficial way.

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