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Transforming Virtual Asset Marketplace with Malcolm CasSelle

Transforming Virtual Asset Marketplace with Malcolm CasSelle

OPSkins is lauded as the leading company in the sale of in-game virtual assets and the foremost merchant of bitcoins. There are numerous hurdles regarding the technology potential of centralized technology which means opportunities abound for a decentralizing the marketplace. Malcolm CasSelle is the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) which has embarked on facilitating person-to-person (P2P) trading of virtual assets P2P through a blockchain. WAX, enables buyers to tokenize their gaming assets and trade with other players without having to juggle multiple sites on the monitor.

Additionally, WAX Token removes distance barriers by introducing a shared currency so users don’t have to rely on the murky world of FOREX rates. The WAX blockchain is set to eliminate fraudulent activities and security issues that are often associated with virtual asset market. Malcolm CasSelle is delighted about these developments so much so that he declared that WAX will “ignite the world of cryptocurrency” globally. Aside from eliminating trading hurdles in the virtual asset marketplace, WAX also is keen to deliver an exceptional user experience to customers around the world.

Prior to launching an immensely successful career, Malcolm CasSelle earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from MIT and then a Masters degree in the same field from Stanford University. Interestingly, he is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese, the so-called languages of the future. Before bringing his talents to WAX, Malcolm CasSelle was the President and CTO of New Ventures at Tronc, Inc., formerly known as Tribune Publishing. Malcolm also did a stint at Digital Media of SeaChange International serving as VP and General Manager. In 2015, he joined SeaChange International after a victorious acquisition by Timeline Labs.

Malcolm CaSelle’s decorated career traces back to 1995 when he co-founded NetNoir, a digital startup. Over the years, CasSelle helped to establish startups like Xfire and MediaPass and help them thrive to become flourishing enterprises. His business acumen and a knack for knowing where to put invest led him to invest in Facebook during its founding stages. This and many other well-informed moves speak volumes about his ability to make great deals in the cutthroat digital industry.


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