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Todd Lubar Sits Down With IdeaMensch To Share His Stories of Success

Culture has naturally gravitated towards persons of interests who push boundaries within industries and life itself. Whether it is inventors searching for the next breakthrough to fundamentally change society or leaders of industries creating retail empires, the public has found sources of knowledge and inspiration from the lives they lead.

Though as headlines fill the news feed of Linked In; with the latest ventures of Elon Musk and business acquisitions; far too often, the stories and lessons learned by leaders of innovation and business rarely find a platform to share.

Bridging the gap between the interested public and entrepreneurs, IdeaMensch has consistently brought together interested readers and inspiring pieces from movers and shakers within a diverse section of industries.

The latest piece published by the talented writing team at IdeaMensch found Todd Lubar sitting down with writers to discuss his experiences in business while building a successful real estate career and his latest venture to help individuals attain their dreams of property ownership.

Todd Lubar has learned quite a few valuable lessons within his career and was more than willing to share a few gems of wisdom with the readers of Twitter.

Heralded above all the lessons he learned during his time in real estate and as an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar expressed the need for honest and open communication channels within any business to ensure success. Lubar imparted that of all the things he would do over differently within his storied career is bringing the right people into his circle much sooner.

Todd Lubar Found Early Success Within Real Estate

Before starting TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar built a successful career within real estate culminating in the prominent acknowledgment of becoming one of the top leaders of mortgage origination within the country.

Working within the industry for over twenty years, Todd Lubar gained invaluable insight into the behind the scenes aspect of home ownership. It is this insight that has lead Lubar to create his latest venture. As his latest entrepreneur endeavor, Todd Lubar created TDL Global Ventures to help individuals overcome many of the obstacles that stand in the way of home ownership.

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