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Todd Lubar Discusses the Future of Baltimore’s Real Estate Market

Todd Lubar is an ace realtor and businessman from the Baltimore area. He runs a prominent property market firm known as TDL Ventures. Todd’s vast experience in the sector has made him a highly sought-out-after news contributor. Recently, Mr. Lubar sat down with to talk about the incredible opportunities presented to the prospective investors courtesy of Baltimore’s real estate boom.


Baltimore underwent tough economic times in the last couple of decades. The city appeared in the news for all the wrong reasons, for instance, it’s been depicted as a crime haven and an unemployment hub. Just like the proverbial Phoenix, however, Baltimore or Charm City, as it’s referred to as, has witnessed robust growth as indicated by the lowering unemployment and the massive real estate projects going up all around the metropolis.


Haven for Millennials


Baltimore’s real estate resurgence is attributed to innovations steered by Todd Lubar runs other stakeholders. A few years back, Todd’s firm, Armour Developers, bought the iconic albeit dilapidated Bank of America at 10 Light Street and embarked on an ambitious project to transform it into wonderful apartments. The project was a win-win for the locals and investors. The historic landmark was preserved and more residential space was created in the process. Visit Inspirery to know more.


Baltimore has witnessed a mass influx by millennials who opt to reside here as opposed to putting up in the exorbitantly priced apartments in neighboring Washington D.C. The city is now the preferred destination for young professionals looking to owning their first home. Charm City is fast proving to be a prime destination for startups owing to the friendly business environments made possible by the authorities.


About Todd Lubar


Todd Lubar’s name has been synonymous with quality real estate developments in Baltimore for the past three decades. Todd started out as a finance and credit professional after graduating from college. With time, however, the veteran business person changed course and ventured into the properties realm. Mr. Lubar graduated from the Syracuse University in the mid-nineties where he studied communications.


Work Experience


His first jobs were with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation and the Legacy Financial Group. As his fame and achievements grew, Later on, he became the the Senior V.P of the Charter Funding Group. Additionally, the prominent realtor is actively involved with community development projects aimed at improving the lives of lower-income residents in Baltimore. You can follow him on Twitter.



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