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The Revolutionary Success of EOS Lip Balm

The Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a new lip balm product that has existed on the market for only seven years. The evolution of the company is a marvel of modern day marketing, design, and distribution. The founders, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, decided to develop a product for women in the realm of beauty needs. The product chosen was lip balm a Target market controlled by Chapstick. Chapstick had the lion’s share of the market and was happy to profit from its established reputation among its users. But the thinking behind EOS was revolutionary. They first chose an item and then set about reinventing it. This marketing wizardry has created a giant in the industry selling a million units each week.

Their thinking was brilliant. Research had shown that women are the major users of lip balm and the pair aimed their design, flavors, and marketing at this important group of shoppers. The design aspect experimented with clay formed shapes to find a size that women would prefer over the cylinder which was often hard to find in a woman’s purse. The design for the lip balm was as different from a cylinder as possible. The small pot-like shape had a top and a shape that offered a tactile adventure. Not unlike a retractable ball point pen that is fun to play with. Colors and flavors were determined based on what women preferred. This product is not aimed at men. The crux of the Facebook advertising was in women’s magazines and aimed at the 25-35 demographic of women who care about fashion and being in style. The fledgling company made inroads to fashionable women in the music industry and reality programming.

EOS has gone from obscurity to selling a million units a week. The company should be very proud of its product. The products are available on Target, Ulta and online via

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