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The Oil and Gas Industry Is Improved by Matthew Fleeger

The oil and gas industry has many very innovative people working in it. One of these people is Matthew Fleeger. He is the guy currently at the helm of Gulf Coast Western. He has done quite a bit to improve the oil and gas industry as a whole since he took over his current position. When he first started, the oil and gas industry was not known as being very friendly to the environment. However, he has created a variety of guidelines that the people who work for his company must follow. These guidelines are imposed in an effort to protect the environment from being harmed during the company’s exploration for oil and gas. There are other oil and gas companies that are following Fleeger’s lead.

Fleeger has developed the reputation of being an innovator in whatever industry he has gotten involved with. He first started a medical waste disposal company. He streamlined this service to make it faster, more efficient and more profitable. He then moved on to start a couple of tanning salon chains. Once again, he chose to run these companies differently than most tanning salons. His innovations gained him many loyal customers that caused both companies to explode in popularity.

Fleeger is an entrepreneur who always prides himself on taking new challenges. This is something he has done many times and he has yet to fail. Some people might be nervous about taking on the CEO position of an oil and gas company after being in the tanning salon business. However, Fleeger had the opposite approach. He believes that the experience he got in other industries will make him a better leader in whatever type of industry he gets involved with. He also feels that surrounding himself with people who know more than he does about a certain industry will make him a better leader.

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