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The LIfe of Clay Siegall

Have you ever sssen an ad for Seattle Gentics? Hace you ever thought to look what it is up?

Clat Siegall worked very hard to get where he is at today. He built Seattle Genitics so that he could work on finding treatments for cancer which is drug treatments or making antibodies. Both of this is something that is a major thing can help many people start to feel better. Dr. Siegall worked hard to make leadership roles and helped the company get to where they are today. This all started because he has a passion for helping people and making sure that they are feeling better when they are under his care. This is something that he has a passion for and works hard to make sure others understand that. This is also another reason he works to help find a cure for cancer something that helps others that are in need of an outstanding thing. If there was cure that was made here it could so many other people that have cancer and this is one of the reasons that he does what he does.

His team and him work hard to many different drug development along with rigorous research to try to find a cure for cancer. This company does a lot to find a cure for the cancer that these wonderful people are going through. This company has brought to life more then $300 million dollars trying to find the magic cure that could save thousands of people’s lives. This company iw doing everything that they can to try and find a way to save these lives that are being runied with the horrible diease that kills people. Dr. Siegall has fought hard and worked many hours to find a cure while doing tons of reasearch to make this cure come to life. However, he has not found the right combination for the cure which makes him very frustrated when he is doing the job that he has the passion to do.

Maybe one day there will be something for him to talk about. Maybe he will find the cure that makes the horrible diease go away saving lives in the process.

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