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The Kabbalah Centre Provides A Safe Place For Spiritual Study

The Kabbalah Centre was started by Philip and Karen Berg after their interests in the mystic study of Kabbalah were ignited. They started the Centre in Los Angeles to provide a place for seekers like themselves to study, and they have grown their foundation to includes offices across the globe. This article explains what Kabbalah is, how the Berg family runs the foundation and why spiritual study is vital for the soul.

#1: What Is Kabbalah?

Philip and Karen Berg found Kabbalah because it focuses on discerning where God is in life. Students of this mystic teaching are looking for places where they may see God in their every day lives, and and students may study quite a few teachings to learn where they may find God. The Bergs are adamant that Kabbalah is not a religion. They support the study of scripture to find the heart of God freely.

#2: How Does The Kabbalah Centre Help?

The Kabbalah Centre is a safe place where students may enter for study. Every Kabbalah Centre office has scriptures from the Torah to the Bible that may be studied, and students are encouraged to partake in the traditions of multiple religions. Kabbalah asks every student to use their personal faith and study to expound on their relationship with God.

#3: How Do The Bergs Manage The Foundation?

The Bergs are happy to greet their subjects at the Centre every day, but they allow their students to study in their own way. The Berg family has properly helped teach Kabbalah by not forcing anyone to learn in a regimented fashion. The Kabbalah Centre is a free space where God is found in a number of different ways, and the Bergs value the freedom of Kabbalah over the desire of organized religion to force everyone into a box.

The team at The Kabbalah Centre is an excellent place for students to further their study of faith, religion and the presence of God. God may be found in the Kabbalah Centre after study and meditation, and it is the finest location in the world for someone with a desire to learn. Find the Kabbalah Centre on Facebook for more information.


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