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The Duty of Cotemar as Mexico’s Leading Petroleum Enterprise

It is no doubt that one of the most important businesses in the world nowadays is the petroleum market, a multinational phenomenon that is part of every developer and underdeveloped country. Oil and gas have become the most requested products of this generation, and every country that has developed their economy has some sort of corporation working on that front.

For the nation of Mexico, they have a leading enterprise that takes care of this business for the community: Cotemar. Cotemar is the company that is in control of the petroleum intake, development, transportation, and extraction for the Mexican country. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Founded in 1979, they arrived late for the petroleum’s biggest hit in the market, but still, it is one of the most profitable companies in Mexico, as they are not only in the oil industry, but in a variety of businesses related to the marine coast of their territory.

Cotemar is responsible for maritime services as well, and they take care of ships and machines that are used in the extraction of the natural product. When they are not developing their front in the petroleum business, they are fixing Offshores, making and ordering the maintenance of the equipment as well as creating specialized ships that will be used for the extraction or other activities.

Much like the coast of the United States, there is a lot of potential for the petroleum market in Mexico. Cotemar, as a national powerhouse, has developed the economy of Mexico just by extracting from the local coast and by expanding the company’s horizons to the international market.

Apart from helping the local economy with their production and extraction, Cotemar is also a leader in the employment charts, being one of the most sought companies to work for. With a lot of chances of growth inside the corporation, Cotemar has helped the unemployment of Mexico tremendously and helped the nation recover from a small period of hard times for the economy.

From specialized IT’s, mechanical engineers and human resources professionals, Cotemar is constantly hiring dozens of new staff to work with the team, as they are a big corporation and thus are always hiring new people.

Cotemar, even though is related to the petroleum market, is highly ethical and aware of the possible dangers that the industry can cause to the environment. One of the main philosophies of the company is to maintain a sustainable usage and extraction of the product while educating their staff and clients on their obligation of preserving the environment.

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