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The Career of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a professional in the financial services industry who has spent much of his career as a top executive. Briger has been a member of two of the top investment management firms in the world. He spent many years at Goldman Sachs where he was one of the firm’s partners for a few years. Today, he currently works at the private equity investment firm Fortress Investment Group. His experiences at these firms have allowed him to establish himself as one of the most prominent executives in the financial services industry. Peter Briger has been able to amass a vast fortune from his years as an executive. He was recently named as one of the richest Americans according to Forbes. With his wealth, Peter has been able to give back to his community.

For a number of years Peter Briger worked in the financial services industry. One of his most notable professional experiences was when he was a member of Goldman Sachs. At this firm, Peter was heavily involved in working with the firm’s operations in the Asian markets. Peter was responsible for expanding the firm to Asia as well as establishing clientele from that region. Briger was a member of many committees that were associated with the Asian markets. He was also responsible for overseeing the credit securities division at the firm as well. By 1996, Peter would be promoted to a partnership position at the firm.

By the early 2000’s Peter Briger decided to leave Goldman Sachs and pursue opportunities at other investment firms. Peter joined Fortress Investment Group where he would again manage the credit division of the firm. He would also become a member of the management committee which allowed him to demonstrate his leadership skills. Peter was quite active in helping the firm expand as well as operate as a highly efficient investment management firm. After working at the firm for a number of years at its New York office, Peter was transferred to the San Francisco office location where he currently serves as the co chief executive officer and one of the firm’s principals.

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