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Dr David Samadi Explains How Mitt Romney Won The Prostate Cancer Battle

What’s a man’s best approach to fighting prostate cancer, radiation or surgery? In a recent publication in the Huffington Post, Dr David Samadi utilized the recent successful surgical procedure to remove Mitt Romney’s prostate cancer and how he goes about discussing which of the two procedures are best for each individuals circumstances.

In the article Dr Samadi, a well known and respected oncologist/urologist, explains in detail what factors should be considered in determining whether radiation treatment or surgery is the best approach for his patients and why most of the time he will recommend surgery over radiation.

In short, if the tumor is discovered within the prostate gland then surgery is certainly the best option according to Dr Samadi, as statistics have proven that men that opt for radiation treatment to attack the prostate cancer are one and a half more times likely to die than those who opt for surgery.

Dr Samadi goes on to explain that if the cancer comes back after radiation treatments it can be very difficult to perform surgery after radiation and that in some cases the radiation can cause secondary cancers to form in other areas of the body as a result of the side effects from the treatment. He is using Mitt Romney’s recent successful surgery as a platform to present his medical expertise on the subject as well as other recent famous politicians who have successfully been through prostate cancer and opted for surgery over radiation, such as Colin Powell and John Kerry.

Dr David Samadi was born and raised in a Persian Jewish community. In 1979 following the Iranian Revolution Samadi left the country, after short stops in London and Belgium he landed in Roslyn, New York and after completing high school went on to study at Stony Brook University where he received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and remained at the university to complete his medical school studies. He then went on to his first postgraduate studies at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Dr Samadi’s career has since been focused on oncology and urology. His research, studies and efforts have made him a leader in the fields at several New York City hospitals and facilities. In 2012 he was the highest paid doctor in New York City earning a reported $7.6 million dollars for his work. Samadi is a member of the American Urological Association and the American Medical Association.

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