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Overview of OSI Food Solutions

It is essential to have a balanced diet on your table each meal time; therefore, OSI Food Solutions is ready to supply to you any protein supplements that you need in your diet. Some of the protein supplements that are offered by OSI Food Solutions are sausages which have beef bites. In leading retail stores, you can access some of the pizzas that are supplied by OSI Foods product.

Places where OSI Food Solutions operates.

The headquarters of the company is known to be in Aurora. The company has its operations in several parts of the world. OSI Foods are supplied diligently to the whole world, and this has enabled the company to gain popularity. OSI Group is now providing these high quality food supplements to over 17 countries. The facilities that are managed by the company are about 50. The services are offered to countries like the USA, United Kingdom, and very many countries that are a part of Europe. There is a group of  strategists, who are working for the company in China, and their main focus is to find out how the company can increase its services in China.

OSI Food Solutions career opportunities.

OSI Group does not only offer services to people, but it is also a platform in which skilled people can be able to earn a living through it. The company wants to offer the best product services worldwide; therefore it is offering career opportunities to various people who may wish to work with the company. Most of the jobs offered by the company can be reviewed online on the company website. Most of them include technician works, several supervisors and general utility person.In matters of salary after employment, the company pays very well with the least person earning a wage of $14.80 per hour.


OSI Food Solutions is the best food company that people can ask for protein supplements and get them immediately. The most important part of it is that it strives to offer the best to both the customers and employees. If you engage yourself with this company, you will never regret.

Ted Bauman: Low-Risk Investment Guru

Many people will agree that the US stock market is extremely overvalued. The majority on Wall Street believe that US equities are going to remain strong a little longer. There are others who feel that it is time to shift gears and go into a low-risk investment strategy. Economist Ted Bauman feels that the US stock market is extremely overvalued. He is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing and writes three newsletters that are meant to help people invest properly. He earned degrees in history and economics while living in South Africa and after over twenty years he has become a finance expert on low-risk investment strategies. He offers several reasons why he feels the US stock market is on the verge of collapsing and he gives simple advice on how to protect your wealth.

Ted Bauman feels that rising interest rates may end up causing a stock market crash. The Federal Reserve has indicated that the US economy is relatively strong and that more rate hikes will come in the foreseeable future. The US has a lot of debt and if interest rates keep climbing, it will be harder for the federal government to service the debt. Higher interest rates will also cause investors to flee the stock market and go into the bond market when yields are more attractive. Another possible catalyst for a stock market crash that Ted Bauman points out is the trade war with China. Many multinational corporations rely on business with China and are listed on major US stock exchanges.

If the trade war continues, China may retaliate and many of these corporations will lose revenue. This will eventually reflect in the share prices of these companies.Ted Bauman sees a crash coming but Bauman urges investors not to panic and sell all their stocks. He feels the trade war has created a major buying opportunity for many top companies in China. The Shanghai Composite is down almost twenty percent for the year. Mr. Bauman also feels that investors should hold bonds to best investment offer a cushion for their financial portfolios. He feels that investors should never ignore bonds and should properly balance their portfolios with stocks and bonds.

Some Dark Predictions from Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is one of the big players in the Silicon Valley area. He is an entrepreneur and investor who has seeded at least 60 companies. He has founded and co-founded several companies, including Virgin Hyperloop and Sherpa Capital. In the early 2000’s, he served as a strategic advisor and board advisor to Uber.

On February 6, 2018, Shervin Pishevar used Twitter to send out 50 separate points on why he felt that there were dark days ahead for the US economy. He had especially dark predictions for the US stock market. It was actually a dramatic drop in the market that caused him to begin his twitter rant. This tweet storm lasted 21 hours and predicted that the stock market would see another dramatic drop in the months to come. He specifically mentioned that he felt it would go down an aggregate 6,000 points.

Not only does Shervin Pishevar feel that the stock market is in for some dark times, but he also feels that big companies in the United States, giants like Amazon and Google, are in for some tough times ahead as well. He feels that they are going to definitely experience a decline in influence or even a complete fall. He mentioned that the value of gold would rise, but that bitcoin would experience a decline and then rise in the years to come. He touched on technology and immigration throughout the tweet storm as well.

Shervin Pishevar mentioned that Silicon Valley is not as exclusive as it once was. At one time, it had a stronghold on talent and ideas. However, he feels that it is no longer something to rely on. The idea of the entrepreneurial spirit being the American way and backed by venture capital and angels is just not what it used to be. It is now the global way. He tweeted that the US builds physical and cultural walls to keep immigrant talent out, but that talent doesn’t need the US anymore. He cited an example of a team of individuals in China who were able to put together a train station in only nine hours.