Vietnamese Garden Opens Largest Plant Factory in China which is a global retailer and the largest in China has entered a partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical. Mitsubishi Chemical is a chemical manufacturing plant owned by the Japanese. The two have come together to open a hydroponic plant factory in the city of China. The main purpose of this plant factory is to use advanced and cutting-edge technology in the field of agriculture and also utilize JD’s retail infrastructure. The plant factory occupies close to eleven thousand and forty square meters and uses a hydroponic culturing system. The factory also uses solar light, and the seedling environment is closed and uses artificial light. The factory currently produces an array of products that include cabbage, spinach, lettuce and coriander among others. prides itself in producing quality food options that are nutritious and great healthy options to their customers. wants to ensure that their customers are getting the fresh produce that is safe and is of premium quality. will provide these options to their customers both offline and online and at the 7FRESH stores belonging to is aware that nowadays customers want transparency when it comes to the products that they buy and this they do by tracking the crops from the time they are planted up to delivery. The food market in China, for example, value food safety and puts it as a top priority when purchasing food products. This is because there is a high increase in environmental problems and deterioration as well as the overuse of fertilizers. This new factory will be environmentally friendly to ensure that the growing population in China is fed while not causing any harm to the soil. The factory ensures a standardized production of food crops that are of premium quality by a management system that controls the humidity, temperature, liquid fertilizer and light automatically.

The factory can produce a higher number of vegetables than any other system, and all their vegetables will be available on and 7FRESH. This marks the company’s entry into the fresh produce industry, and they guarantee that the fresh products are treated with uttermost care.

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