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Matt Badiali: The expert in Natural Resources Investment.

Matt Badiali holds a bachelors of Science degree, a masters in geology and is pursuing a Ph.D. on the same. He was first introduced to finance in 2004 by a friend who recognized his potential based on the knowledge he has in geology. He got Matt Badiali to start offering investment advice to individual investors. The people that have been following his investment advice over the years receive regular double-digit gains on their investment. Mr. Badiali launched the Real Wealth Strategist, a monthly newsletter with the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. It offers advice on investments and so far it has built a wide network of subscribers who anticipate his stock recommendations.

He is dedicated to assisting investors to identify the best investment opportunity in the mining sector, oil, and even the energy industry. Unlike other investors, Matt Badiali utilizes the “boot on the ground ” approach by traveling to various parts of the world to get more insight into the market. When he wants to talk to an investment expert, he visits them in their location. He has traveled to Switzerland, Iraq, Haiti, Peru, Hong Kong, to mention a few. Additionally, he has visited numerous mines, companies, and other places to search for investment ideas. Matt writes the newsletter by drawing into his experiences.

He has spent decades traveling and writes topics that relate to his experience, which helps in making his stories more appealing to his readers. He has expressed that writing the newsletter on investing in natural resources is not an easy endeavor and it needs unusual skills. According to Matt, resources such as oil, gas, and others are highly speculative and one has to have a deep understanding of the markets, science and the companies to become a successful investor. His financial knowledge and experience in this sector have contributed to making him the perfect fit for offering this form of investment advice. One trend that has excited him in the market is the transition to an electric-centric world. However, he expects the real leap to occur when the municipal-scale battery is invented. It is a big battery capable of powering a small city. He believes that such technology is on its way and once it arrives, it will create a huge disruption.

Stream Cares: Stream Energy Gives Back With New Charity

Stream Cares, a new charity founded by Stream Energy, is hard at work using the company’s resources to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and others who are in need.

The storm hit the United States in late August 2017 and quickly tied with 2005’s Katrina as the costliest hurricane in the nation’s history; aside from more than 100 direct or indirect deaths, it caused $125 billion worth of damage. With many of its victims still struggling one year later, Stream Energy decided to create one more group to help with the relief efforts.

Stream Energy is a company that sells energy directly, with its associates building close relationships with clients (both residential and corporate) and providing a variety of different services. It has a history of corporate philanthropy; in the past it has worked with both the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. In a sense, Stream Cares is just a new and hopefully more efficient way for the company to continue giving back to the community.

Helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey will not be the new charity’s only goal, either. Stream Energy has a long history of trying to help the homeless, and has kept track of how the issue has developed in Dallas over the years. With the 24 percent increase that the storm brought to the city, now seemed like a good time for them to step up their efforts.

To that end, Stream Care has already made an alliance with another charity, Hope Supply Co., which focuses on supplying homeless children in the area with essentials like clothing, school supplies and diapers. They also hold the annual Splash for Hope, which brings disadvantaged kids for a day at the water park; this year, Stream covered the costs.

Stream Cares is also working for less fortunate veterans and their families. Operation Once in a Lifetime focuses on helping them with transportation, while the American Girl Doll Experience provided supplies and free American Girl Dolls to ten daughters of veteran families; they were also treated to lunch at the American Girl Cafe, with Stream covering expenses.

Some Dark Predictions from Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is one of the big players in the Silicon Valley area. He is an entrepreneur and investor who has seeded at least 60 companies. He has founded and co-founded several companies, including Virgin Hyperloop and Sherpa Capital. In the early 2000’s, he served as a strategic advisor and board advisor to Uber.

On February 6, 2018, Shervin Pishevar used Twitter to send out 50 separate points on why he felt that there were dark days ahead for the US economy. He had especially dark predictions for the US stock market. It was actually a dramatic drop in the market that caused him to begin his twitter rant. This tweet storm lasted 21 hours and predicted that the stock market would see another dramatic drop in the months to come. He specifically mentioned that he felt it would go down an aggregate 6,000 points.

Not only does Shervin Pishevar feel that the stock market is in for some dark times, but he also feels that big companies in the United States, giants like Amazon and Google, are in for some tough times ahead as well. He feels that they are going to definitely experience a decline in influence or even a complete fall. He mentioned that the value of gold would rise, but that bitcoin would experience a decline and then rise in the years to come. He touched on technology and immigration throughout the tweet storm as well.

Shervin Pishevar mentioned that Silicon Valley is not as exclusive as it once was. At one time, it had a stronghold on talent and ideas. However, he feels that it is no longer something to rely on. The idea of the entrepreneurial spirit being the American way and backed by venture capital and angels is just not what it used to be. It is now the global way. He tweeted that the US builds physical and cultural walls to keep immigrant talent out, but that talent doesn’t need the US anymore. He cited an example of a team of individuals in China who were able to put together a train station in only nine hours.