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Sam Boraie’s role in developing Newark

Sam Boraie, a renowned developer, has saved Newark from the ravages of urban sprawl. Considering that the insecurity has forced many people to leave some parts of the city, the vacant lots have continued to exacerbate the problem. Considering that urban sprawl has increasingly become a problem in Newark, including some recreational features for the community was vital. Sam Boraie initiated the development of an ultramodern movie theater that will revitalize this part of the town. Such real estate development strategies have made Boraie development one of the most sought-after real estate developers in the world. Sam Boraie is a renowned philanthropist and realtor who has excelled in his niche.

Sam Boraie has taken a proactive approach to solve the problem by introducing a couple of infill projects to bridge the gap. According to PR News, in Newark, Sam Boraie collaborated with Shaquille O’Neal to develop a magnificent high-rise building. With massive retail and residential space, the project will cost more than $70 million dollars. Newark offers plenty of lucrative opportunities for investors who want to get maximum value for money. The architectural design concepts will guarantee that the property values will continue to rise. Sam Boraie understands that developing a commercial project in a residential zone can lower the property values. In retrospect, building a residential project in a commercial zone can also inhibit the growth of the city. Sam Boraie advocates for the mixed-use real estate projects that provide ample rental units, affordable homes for sale, shopping facilities, and recreational spaces.

By developing a quiet a residential project that suits the needs of the community, while reducing congestion and sprawl, Boraie Developments have done it again. This project provides an array of residential, commercial, and recreational facilities to the public. Besides developing the properties for sale, Boraie Development also deals with property management. In a report by Bloomberg, by hiring a couple of experienced property managers, Boraie ensures that these homeowners enjoy the comfort without having to worry about the routine maintenance operations.

Professional management strategies are instrumental when it comes to meeting the needs of the rental investors who do not have the time or expertise to manage or carry out the repairs and renovations of their homes. In addition, undertaking such operations on behalf of the renters can help to prevent the structural problems that might result from the poor renovation practices.

Boraie development vets the contractors before identifying the competent practitioners for the job. Sam Boraie ( has a special real estate sales team that addresses the needs of the prospective homebuyers. Instead of getting information online, or from the real estate listings, consulting the sales team can help a prospective buyer to find a property that suits the budget and preferences. In addition, booking a property early can help a buyer to save thousands of dollars. Sam Boraie has established several structures that help to make the transactions as smooth as possible. Besides getting as much information as possible from the brochures, a buyer will choose from the vast array of available financing options.


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