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Ross Abelow Helps Strays Like Activist Are Helping Raise Wages

How many times do you go into a fast food restaurant each week? The fast food industry is one of the biggest job opportunities for young adults beginning to work and older adults looking for a supplement to their incomes. Fast food chains are happy to employ the older adults and are planning to increase the minimum wage to fifteen dollars in New York. This raise in pay will increase over the next three years. Over two hundred thousand people will feel the impact of higher wages. The New York state wage hike will help over thirty fast food locations and many workers. Other states such as California, and Washington is approving the income increase as well. Activist are speaking out for a long time. They agree that fast food companies need to increase their pay wage to meet the cost of living in the areas. According to Yahoo Food, New Yorkers are eagerly awaiting the final go ahead on the hike in minimum wage to take place. Fast food workers are happy just knowing people are beginning to take a look at them and their job performance.

Ross Abelow loves to work for the underdog. He helps people fight for what is right. He is a family man that specializes in family law. Wills and other documents are just a few of the legal papers Ross can help his clients complete. Legal representation is available in New York for almost any type of legal issue you may have come up. Lawyer Lighthouse lists the lawyers in the area and helps you find the type lawyer you need for your legal issue.

Strays in New York are happy to have someone like Ross Abelow on their side. He walks the streets of New York and notices a number of unwanted animals hiding in the back alleys. He can see the dogs and cats rummaging through the trash cans daily. He knows they are searching for food and he wants to help them find a way to have food daily without rummaging. Ross recently visited the local animal shelters to see what is being done for strays. He learned of the harsh reality. The food and blanket donations are low.

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  1. There are too many animals in the shelters needing homes. With a recent launch of the Go Fund Me for NY Strays, Ross hopes to help put an end to the homeless pets wandering the streets of New York. This has definitely helped superior papers customer reviews to accomplish their aim.

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