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Rodrigo Terpins and the Appeal of Large Off-road Events

Rodrigo Terpins, Brazilian rally driver with decades of experience in the sport, still feels like gathering for off-road rally event is one of the most unique experiences in his life. The atmosphere is unique to such kinds of events, and other sports cannot replicate it. He started out n the motorcycle category for Prototype T1. That is still his preferred category but he also participates in the cars category, mostly in a team with his younger brother.



Terpins started up in off-road driving after he was inspired by his older brother. Both have been passionate about sports and outdoor activities since young much due to the fact that their father raised them to stay active, love nature, and play many sports. Their father was a known basketball player before he converted into doing business in his 30s. For more details visit LinkedIn.



Rodrigo Terpins started up a team with his brother which they called the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The compete in the cars category almost every single year. It is very rare that neither of them would be out on the road at the Sertoes Rally. The off-road event is a sensation in Brazil. Spectators gather not only from around the country but many travels internationally to be present for the annual off-road competition.



The community of the Sertoes Rally is one of the most impressive lines that any off-road event has managed to establish. The energy at those events is unlike any other, according to most of the spectators gather for that one particular week that happens once a year.



Both Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins find that the Sertoes rally is their most beloved off-road competition for that reason and more. Seeing as the race stretches over 3 000 km and several types of terrain, it truly goes to show how the competitors’ skills have changed from one year to another. The point of the Sertoes rally is to challenge the pilots and make them think the whole time and work out the best decisions of their driving and strategy for each of the different terrains in the rally.



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