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Rocketship Increases Parent Involvement for Success

In 2007, Rocketship Education pioneered the way for charter schools. Parental involvement has always been a crucial component to education, and Rocketship ensures that parents are involved in the hiring process as well as the educational process. Many parents don’t know their child’s teacher until they receive their schedule or even back to school night. At Rocketship, they get a chance to pick their child’s teacher from the start.

In Washington, D.C., where Rocketship will open a new school, parents were at the job fair where they got a chance to interview and help with the process. This deep level of parental involvement is the way Rocketship does business. Preston Smith, CEO of the 13 school charter, has said that parental involvement is the foundation for the charter’s school philosophy.

At each school location, the school chooses any where from three to six families to train for panel interviews. These trained families are able to help choose the next set of teachers. This chain has made news for its personalized learning style and heavy parental involvement. Smith recognizes how parents involvement matters, and usually they are in agreement about the hiring process.

Many candidates have a chance to see how the school operates. Parents are the support system for students, and teachers need to be ready for that level of involvement. Many candidates leave during interviews or decline the offer, because they are not ready for that type of parental involvement.

Core values are another fundamental principle of their philosophy. Gratitude is one of their values, and they do programs to help teach their students this one. They try to instill values that will make them productive citizens. Rocketship Education has started an education revolution by increasing parental involvement and teaching core values to become a productive citizen. Rocketship delivers on their student’s needs.

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