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How is Securus Technologies Benefiting Both People and Communities? Read More To Find Out.

Securus Technologies is a communications company that can be considered as being an entity that is breaking barriers in the realm of technologically advanced forms of communications. If you’re not completely aware of what the company is currently offering, it’s recommended for you to see whether they have had its system installed into the correctional facility where an inmate who you may be wanting to communicate with may be confined in. Oftentimes, the best way to determine whether a program that has been introduced to any particular market/industry is useful or not is for one to try it out themselves.


Securus Technologies is a communications platform that’s been developed and engineered with its primary users’ best interests in mind. Whether you are an inmate or the visitor(s) of an inmate, you may be able to greatly benefit from this program that is enabling you to essentially communicate with one another under some of the most convenient conditions via modes of video chatting in which the visitor(s) are not even required to leave the premises of their residences if that’s their preference.


Although Securus Technologies has been designed and engineered primarily to benefit its immediate users, you may be glad to know that it’s also benefiting communities also. It is benefiting communities due to its feature of enabling law enforcement agencies to have access to chat sessions that occur between inmates and their visitors. This does not mean that the activity of communicating throug Securus Technologies is an illegal activity by any means. What it means is that if anything of an illegal nature is spoken about in the videoconference chat sessions between the inmate and their visitor(s), it is highly likely there will be a criminal investigative proceeding taking place. A help desk professional may be able to assist you with getting started on utilizing the communicative platform of Securus Technologies.


Beneful Wet Food Meets Dogs’ Needs

Beneful is a dog food brand with a steady climb in popularity among dog owners. Their all natural ingredients and great taste impress dogs and owners alike. There are some questions that have risen about their wet food. Specifically, what dog breeds should eat the wet food? Which is better, wet or dry? and of course How much does Beneful wet food cost?

Fret not. In this article we will discuss these three questions and give explanations to all of them. In the end you will surely find that Beneful is the top brand and dedicated to the happiness of customers and their pets.

What Breeds Should Eat Beneful Wet Food?

The truth is, it isn’t about the breed or size of the dog, but rather about the need. What type of food is your dog in need of and what is the most healthy choice for him? Well, for pups and older dogs, soft food may be the best choice. It’s easier to chew and digest for sensitive mouths and stomachs. Beneful has many options for different breeds and sizes, so it’s tailored to your beloved pet. There is no need to worry about feeding your dog this food, as it is grain free and made with all natural ingredients to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Which is Better, Wet or Dry food?

Again, this question can be answered with the simple fact that it’s not about what dog you own, but the needs of the specific dog. Every dog is different no matter what breed. So, if your dog has trouble eating dry food then wet food is definitely worth a try. Pay attention to your pet and monitor their eating habits to make sure the food they eat is right for them.

How Much Does Beneful Wet Food Cost?

The cost of wet food depends on which pack you buy. One can retails for around $2.00 on the beneful website whereas an eight pack can cost around $15.00. So, whatever breed or size your dog is Beneful is the best food on the market. Your dog’s needs should come before price and breed recommendations. Pay attention to your specific dog and try and meet their needs over all.

Sawyer Howitt of the Meriwether Group

While his father, David Howitt, started the Meriwether Group; Sawyer Howitt has been at his father’s side always tugging at his elbow and asking questions. As a result, the Meriwether Group has received critical acclaim in the areas that are the focus of this successful consulting firm.

The focus?

In impressive terms; aiding and advancing the research and development of new products or services, increasing market share through retail outlet development and also using online strategies as well as helping new start-up businesses develop and proliferate their brand name recognition.

In simpler terms; the life of Sawyer Howitt of the Meriwether Group is devoted to helping businesses of any size in the develop of products and markets to make sales. That is; to make money.

That is the true bottom line of any business; correct?

With his role as project manager in the Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt is involved with helping businesses develop as a whole; seeing the forest and the trees.. Meticulous on details, looking outside the box and under the box, seeing the overall picture; he also has access to twelve men and women with extensive backgrounds in different areas of business development allowing him to combine their experience with his young and spirited understanding.

View Sawyer Howitt’s Tumblr page for more information.

Sawyer Howitt’s doesn’t talk about his traditional education. His real education was having a true interest in what his father did and spending time with his father always asking questions and his father doing the best he can to answer them.

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Karl Heideck’s Significance in Civil Lawsuits Involving Businesses and Residents of Philadelphia

Karl Heideck's Significance in Civil Lawsuits
Karl Heideck’s Significance in Civil Lawsuits

A litigator’s role is to negotiate disputes between two parties in court. After choosing to become a litigator, you can specialize in contracts, personal injury, or real estate. Depending area of specialty, you can work for government agencies, law firms or businesses. These career opportunities come after you have completed an undergraduate law degree.

Academic Requirements

Besides an undergraduate law degree, a litigator should have also earned a Juris Doctor degree, passed the state bar exams, and gained experience. In law school, a course on litigation law covers discrimination law, intellectual property law, class action law, and juvenile law. The program also covers federal law, criminal procedures, and trial advocacy.

The Litigation Process

Civil lawsuits usually arise from disputes involving individuals and businesses. These lawsuits require consultative and critical thinking approaches for solving. By default, they proceed through four steps. These include pleading, discovery, trial, and appeal. To avoid trial, the parties in dispute can settle for compensation or arbitration and more information click here.

Karl Heideck’s Professional and Academic Background

Karl Heideck is a highly sought after litigation lawyer who resides in Jenkinson. His ten years career has been focused on compliance practices and risk management. Karl Heideck’s legal expertise has benefited clients from Philadelphia. He is also skilled in employment law, legal research, commercial litigation, product liability, corporate law, and legal writing.

Karl Heideck is currently working as a contract counsel. He attributes his excellence in settling civil lawsuits to the Juris Doctor degree he earned from the esteemed Temple University Beasley School of Law. Before joining the higher learning institution, Karl Heideck studied English and Literature at the famed Strathmore College and learn more about Karl.

Conquering The Globe With The OSI Group

Like many American multinational companies, the OSI Group is advancing to other parts of the globe through the acquisition of other smaller companies. The latest company to be bought by the OSI Group is the Baho Group that operates in Netherlands and Germany. According to trusted sources, this is a move to penetrate into the competitive European market.

However, like any other deals in the past, financial details of the acquisition of Baho Foods was not revealed to the public. However, the two companies agreed that all employees of Baho Food would retain their jobs. The management would also be retained and will work hand in hand with personnel that will be sent from headquarters in Aurora.

The OSI Group has established itself as one of the biggest suppliers of food products around the globe. Other than Europe and USA, the company operates in the Asian countries of Japan, China, and Korea. The firm has 65 plants that are located in 17 countries. In a recently concluded analysis by the Forbes magazine, the OSI Group have an annual revenue of $6.1 billion. Above that, the OSI Group is ranked number 58 on the list of largest privately owned companies in the world.

As of today, the OSI Group has an employee base of 10,000 people. The company has been in existence since 1909 having been established by a German immigrant. Some of the food products that the company specializes in include pork products, fish products as well as poultry products. OSI Group also specializes in beef and dough products.

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The Ways that Patti Rocklage Can Use Herself as an Example in Marriage Counseling

One of the principles of counseling is gaining the trust of the client. After all, the client has to trust the counselor so that he will share everything that is needed to deal with his issues. This same principle applies to marriage counseling. However, marriage counseling can be a little bit trickier because often times, the two partners are at odds with each other. The counselor has to find a way to be fair and come to a solution without coming off as biased. It does not matter who is in the wrong. the whole point is to make sure that both parties are able to come to an agreement with something that they need to address and read full article.

One person who is good at helping people overcome their issues in their marriage is Patty Rocklage. She manages to avoid being biased. At the same time, she has a talent for making both parties feel welcome, encouraged and empowered. She also knows how to use herself as an example. This is one of the best ways to gain the trust of clients and let them know that their goals are attainable. One thing that people are going to listen more to is someone that has been there and is willing to help out with empathy and Patty’s lacrosse camp.

Patti Rocklage is also good at identifying the key issue in the marriage. She knows how to ask the right questions and make the right statements. For one thing, she is able to get people to think about different things that have an effect on their relationships. When they are able to gain breakthroughs and new insights, then they will be able to handle some of the issues in their relationships in ways that are going to make sure that they will be able to move forward.

Beneful: Wholesome Ingredients For Your Dog!

Per serving of Beneful dog treats, they typically have as low as 4 calories or as high as 97.6. The product with the lowest calorie count on the Beneful website is BenefulIncredibites: Meaty Minis. They are made with chicken being the first ingredient, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, among other nutritional ingredients. The treat with the highest calorie count are the Healthy Smile Dental Twists (Large), designed to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup in larger dogs.

Coupons for Beneful dog treats can be found at: “where you can save $3 on your next Beneful dry food recipe with real meat being the #1 ingredient!” The highest rated dog treat product on the website are the “Baked Delights Snackers,” they have a total of 53 reviews, an average of about 4.8 stars. They are described as a super-savory, super snackable, oven baked treats with a soft center and made with peanut butter and cheese flavors. And they only have 23.8 calories per piece! For puppies, it is recommended to give them something a little softer until they reach maturity.

Costumers would recommend the tender beef Break-N-Bites! Beneful treats are also great foor for senior dogs, especially the dental treats, which have been proven to help fight tartar buildup. Tartar and bacterial buildup in the mouth is a huge factor for tooth decay and bad breath! The most highly recommended flavor of dog treat is either chicken or beef, both are pretty well tied. The most popular treat on the site are the Break-N-Bites Crunchy: Chicken. They are new and highly rated by customers. Overall, all treats seem to be made with wholesome ingredients that any dog would love!

Todd Lubar Sits Down With IdeaMensch To Share His Stories of Success

Culture has naturally gravitated towards persons of interests who push boundaries within industries and life itself. Whether it is inventors searching for the next breakthrough to fundamentally change society or leaders of industries creating retail empires, the public has found sources of knowledge and inspiration from the lives they lead.

Though as headlines fill the news feed of Linked In; with the latest ventures of Elon Musk and business acquisitions; far too often, the stories and lessons learned by leaders of innovation and business rarely find a platform to share.

Bridging the gap between the interested public and entrepreneurs, IdeaMensch has consistently brought together interested readers and inspiring pieces from movers and shakers within a diverse section of industries.

The latest piece published by the talented writing team at IdeaMensch found Todd Lubar sitting down with writers to discuss his experiences in business while building a successful real estate career and his latest venture to help individuals attain their dreams of property ownership.

Todd Lubar has learned quite a few valuable lessons within his career and was more than willing to share a few gems of wisdom with the readers of Twitter.

Heralded above all the lessons he learned during his time in real estate and as an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar expressed the need for honest and open communication channels within any business to ensure success. Lubar imparted that of all the things he would do over differently within his storied career is bringing the right people into his circle much sooner.

Todd Lubar Found Early Success Within Real Estate

Before starting TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar built a successful career within real estate culminating in the prominent acknowledgment of becoming one of the top leaders of mortgage origination within the country.

Working within the industry for over twenty years, Todd Lubar gained invaluable insight into the behind the scenes aspect of home ownership. It is this insight that has lead Lubar to create his latest venture. As his latest entrepreneur endeavor, Todd Lubar created TDL Global Ventures to help individuals overcome many of the obstacles that stand in the way of home ownership.

If you would like to read more about Todd Lubar please visit

EOS Lip Balms Are The Best On The Market Today

EOS Lip Balm is full of unique flavors, sphere-shaped items, and a wide array of new additional features like SPF to give your lips the care that it needs. The brand has been known for crafting all kinds of unique flavors and designs that is changing the way people see this market. The truth is that EOS Lip Balm is one of the best in its industry, and you are going to love the beauty of this brand. Their humble beginnings prove that the brand had a long way.

When the product was first being made, they couldn’t get it into stores because they didn’t realize that so many men weren’t interested. They always knew that their target audiences were going to be women between the ages of 25-35, but they needed to get through to the men who decided if EOS was going to go into the stores or not. One woman who had control over the Walgreens stores decided that the EOS lip balms would be perfect for their stores. It took a bit of time, but eventually Target joined Walgreens and started selling their products. EOS Lip Balm eventually grew to become quite the success.

They all started by trying to get the buzz going about the company. It all happened with the help of doing more online marketing and advertising. They did so by simply working towards having influential people in social media come in and promote the products. They were able to promote to so many people, and the beauty bloggers did a whole lot to get people going and interested in the product. EOS ( has received recognition from all across the globe and is currently the only brand in this oversaturated market to still continue promoting. They expect to earn million more in revenue in the coming year.

Sam Tabar And His Successful Career In Hedge Funds

Sam Tabar currently practices law in the state of New York. He is a licensed attorney with experience and skill in his chosen field. He has been a graduate of Oxford University since 2000. He has earned both a BA and an MA in law. After graduation he continued his education at Columbia Law School where he earned his LLM. He also began working for Skedden as an associate on 2001. Read more: Sam Tabar: A Great Mind For Investments

Sam Tabar has held numerous positions with a high profile. He worked as a senior associate for the law firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He has also worked for Merrill Lynch in the position of the head of their Asia Pacific Capital Introduction division. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Sam Tabar received a major break in 2004. This was when he began working for PMA. He was given the opportunity to manage head funds and begin dealing with clients on a direct basis. He was so successful he went all the way up the ladder to the position of one of the heads of Business Development as well as Managing Director for the company. He stayed with the company for six years and then he received another incredible opportunity.

Tabar’s career really started to take off in 2011. This was the year he went to work for Merrill Lynch. This gave him an affiliation with the Asia Pacific region and the knowledge he belonged in management and hedge funds. His direct dealings in this area paid off and established his career.

Mr. Tabar’s strength as a capital strategist became incredibly important when he took a job with Adenval LLC. In 2014 he began his own practice and handles a lot of the high profile contracts he was responsible for developing in his career. He manages hedge funds throughout the world.

Tabar spends some of his free time hosting events which he finds both challenging and rewarding. He also enjoys traveling when he can take the time away from his successful career.