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OSI Industries Knows What it Takes to See Success

OSI Industries is a successful company. They didn’t get lucky and they didn’t land their success because they knew what they wanted to do from the beginning. In fact, they knew there were things they wouldn’t be able to do without helping other people with the issues they were facing. They also knew there were things that would happen if they couldn’t do things right no matter how hard they worked. It was their goal to always stay successful no matter how hard they had to work. They also wanted people to realize there were things they had to do that would help them grow in different ways.

Even when OSI Industries started working to help other companies, they felt it was important to always give back to those companies. Despite starting deals to acquire the companies, they wanted to give people the chance they needed to make their company better. They knew how things would work and how they could grow on their own. OSI Industries also knew things would get better if they had a chance to do things on their own. As long as the company was coming up with ideas to help others out, they felt it would be important to keep showing others the opportunities they had.

For OSI Industries, the point of their business is giving back. They enjoy giving back to everyone they work with and they spend a lot of time trying to make things easier on their clients. They’ve known how to give people the attention they need no matter how hard things are. If OSI Industries continues helping their clients, they get the chance to grow even more. They always try to show people things will get better no matter how hard they have to work.

When OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe, they knew what it would take to give people the chances they needed to succeed. They also knew everyone would get the options they needed if they had a chance to do better on their own. As long as the company was successful, OSI Industries knew what they could do. They had a lot of faith they’d be making the right choices as long as they did things the right way. No matter how hard OSI Industries worked, they always gave back to companies like Flagship Europe for the hard work they gave them during the time they were acquiring them.

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Boraie Development Says Atlantic City Actually Is Becoming A Good Real Estate Center

Boraie Development surprised people when they announced construction of a 250-apartment condominium at the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City because Atlantic City has usually been considered the last place you would want to invest in housing. The longtime belief is that this part of New Jersey is only a casino resort territory and nobody is really living there, but Sam Boraie of Boraie Development said otherwise. He says that the need for housing actually is there, it just isn’t heard about as much because of the options being limited. He expects that as the Beach at South Inlet becomes rented out that light will be shed on the demand for both residential and other commercial development in the city.


It was Omar Boraie, Sam Boraie’s father who first got the attention of the New Jersey real estate community when he decided to start construction in New Brunswick some 40 years ago. Boraie had a degree in chemistry and was going to get his doctorate from Rutgers, but while living in New Brunswick he saw a rundown city. In fact, he said some places were not even safe to go out in after 4 PM. Boraie began a plan to turn some of these downtown areas that were completely abandoned into affluent business communities. The first property he went to work on was Albany Street Plaza where he had two towers built with the first completed in 1988, and the second finished in 2003. The company headquarters are currently housed in tower one.


Boraie Development’s main housing projects are also located in New Brunswick where he showed in 2006 that high-rise apartment buildings are actually quite a popular model. Most had said that his proposed 25-story building at One Spring Street just did not fit the city’s demands and would never be filled, but Boraie saw the place become completely rented out in just three months. The Aspire was built in 2013 and was even more successful due to its close proximity to the main train station in New Brunswick, and One Rector Street in Newark, only the second high-rise apartment complex built in the city in 50 years also became a sensation. If there’s one thing residents of Newark and New Brunswick have learned, it’s that you just cannot discount the forward and visionary thinking that has shown. Omar Boraie says some of the credit for that can be given to the executives of Johnson & Johnson because it was specifically their decision to keep the company in New Brunswick that inspired him to start building. View the company profile on



Jeremy Goldstein: Talking with Accountants is Important

Too often, companies make major decisions based on irrational judgment calls because something minor happened. This is a side effect of living in such a fast-paced society; everyone feels like they have to make quick decisions when they should sit and talk things out.

When it comes to anything business related, companies need to stop and talk with their lawyer or accountant, perhaps both. Usually, most situations require a decision with their lawyer, but there are times when their accountant is preferable and knowledgeable. Things like employee benefits are more in the specialty of accountants.

If a company is having a hard time deciding which compensation method to go with, their accountant should look over everything and help them decide what’s best at that time. Making a decision one day doesn’t mean it can’t be undone or updated. Companies need to learn how to accept mistakes and move on if something goes wrong.

Over the last few years, too many major corporations have grown scared about getting something wrong, which has led many of them to eliminate stock options as an employee benefit. Their fear has made it to their employees and employees don’t want stock options anymore.

This is a bad trend that people like Jeremy Goldstein, Jeremy Goldstein, in particular, believe is not good for the corporate world. Corporations are so scared; they’ve forgotten the advantages of stock options. If corporations aren’t too scared; their employees are too scared to want stock options.

Jeremy Goldstein believes things would be easier if people remembered that there is more than one type of stock options. Not every stock option works the same or has the same disadvantages. Depending on what companies want from their compensation method, a “knockout” stock option may be a perfect fit.

Before talking to their accountants, companies should hear what Jeremy Goldstein has to say. He’s New York’s go-to business lawyer for many reasons; his expertise being the main reason. Jeremy Goldstein established his own law firm after working at a similar prestigious law firm, where he was a partner. Learn more:

Since establishing Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, Jeremy Goldstein has worked with hundreds of high-profile CEOs and corporations as well as dozens of compensation committees and management teams.

Desiree Perez Shakes Up Male Dominated World of Contract Negotiations in Entertainment

Desiree Perez has become one of the most successful business women in the business world today. She has proven herself to be very influential in a male-dominated world where is he gives a great amount of assistance to rap and business Mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

More music lovers are not familiar with Desiree. Few knew she would be as good as she is when it comes to creating opportunities for other artists. After all, she is someone that has spent a large amount of our time with other things like nightclubs. She has become someone that is new to the world of negotiating contracts, but she has been able to successfully closing many business deals with music streaming concerts, and general promotion deals for celebrities.

Some might say that she is the woman to see when it comes to negotiating contracts. Perez knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to making moves that are going to benefit artists in the long run. This is why she has been trusted to deal with contracts for people like Beyonce and Rihanna.

There is no doubt about it. Perez is a person that has a major amount of influence when it comes to creating good business opportunities in the world of entertainment. This is why Jay-Z relies on her as much as he does.

Desiree Perez has made a great mark in the business industry, and she continues to impress as more people become familiar with her work. It is hard to ignore what she has done because she has done so much. She has worked for Roc Nation Sports and helped artists gain big contracts for Roc Nation music as well. All of this cannot be ignored. Perez is a true leader in the business arena, and Jay-Z needs her.


How Dr. David Samadi Is Using Robotics To Improve Healthcare

When most people think of robots they likely think of the kinds of androids that tend to populate science fiction films. Robots are often thought of as metal creations that resemble humans in form and that will be able to do things human beings never could in a far away future. We often think of robots as things that will be commonplace in the future and we don’t think about the roles that they actually play in our everyday lives. For example we depend on robots to help us streamline our manufacturing processes and we also depend on robots to help heal us. While the robots that exist in present day might not look as exciting as the ones you would find in a Star Wars film they still play a critical role in our society nonetheless.

One medical professional who is harnessing the power of robotics to enhance his practice of medicine is a doctor that is known as Doctor David Samadi. Dr. David Samadi is currently the chairman of Urology and the chief of robotic surgery at a hospital that is known as Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Dr. David Samadi is proving that robotics can play an important role in the field of medicine when they are used to enhance the skills and the knowledge that a doctor already has.Dr. David Samadi’s practice area as a doctor is very specific. He is a surgeon who specializes in pancreatic cancer surgery. His services as a surgeon have been a critical part of helping many male patients who have suffered from pancreatic cancer to achieve optimal health.

Dr. David Samadi’s medical practice is proving that robotics are an important part of treating pancreatic cancer patients who have opted for surgery. Dr. David Samadi has created a new approach to using robotics in ways that allow more precise activity when operating on patients who are suffering from pancreatic cancer.The procedure that Dr. David Samadi has developed has enabled him to be able to have a better view as he operates and also to be able to perform more precise movements that would not otherwise be possible. While the robotics that Dr. David Samadi is employing as a surgeon might not be able to do the sorts of things that a robot can do in a George Lucas film, Dr. Samadi’s robotic tools are able to help patients who are fighting pancreatic cancer to live with dignity as a result of the medical advancements that he has made.

Ricardo Tosto: Hiring A Reputable Business Litigation Attorney

Are you searching for the right attorney that provides business or corporate legal solution? Need an experienced litigation lawyer in Brazil? Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has the expertise to address any business or corporate related legal matter and can help you.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top attorney and business law expert and has been in practice for more than 22 years. As one of the leading business and corporate lawyers in Brazil, Mr Ricardo Tosto caters to a wide variety of clients, including entrepreneurs, organizations and multinational companies, and

Ricardo Tosto has an impressive track record and has numerous positive reviews. Clients keep raving about the top notch legal solutions he provides. Ricardo Tosto is well versed in all aspects of corporate and business law and is well respected in the field.

Businesses and entrepreneurs should have a good attorney to advise and guide them on legal issues that affect their venture. It is extremely important that you hire a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in order to obtain a great outcome in your legal case, and Ricardo on Facebook.

There are several resources that can enable you to find the right lawyer for your situation. Lawyers Directories provide detailed information about lawyers’ background and area of practice.

You can also find a lawyer by getting recommendations from family, friends and colleagues. These people can provide valuable information about lawyers. When researching lawyers you need to find out about their background, credentials, and case success rate, and lacrosse camp Ricardo.

It is critical that you hire the right lawyer with experience in corporate and business law cases in order to receive high quality service.

Because of legal matters can cause a business to fail, a competent business litigation lawyer is a great asset in helping you run your business.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho knows the law and how to represent clients effectively. Ricardo Tosto understands what businesses and entrepreneurs go through when confronted with a complex legal issue and he makes it a top priority to research their situation thoroughly in order to deliver the best possible representation, and read full article.

Jason Hope gives to Anti-Aging Research and Development to Improve Life for Everyone

Jason Hope is a technology guru that understands the value of science. He realizes that that modern technology is so advance and effective that mankind can now experience some amazing benefits. Many of these benefits were not even available 50 years ago. One of the best uses of modern technology is its ability to improve a person’s health and to extend their life. Anti-aging research is a great way for people to stay younger for a longer time.

Jason Hope provides monetary funds to the SENS Research Foundation, so they can continue to develop anti-aging medicines to improve the quality of life. Their research in cellular rejuvenation and biotechnology is instrumental to this research. SENS understands that the pathway to reducing anti-aging has to do with these two processes.

Hope realizes that people can live a higher quality of life for a longer period of time with this science. He foresees a future where people are working longer, enjoying physical activities well into their 60s and living to be way past their 100s. This could be the norm if science is able to produce these types of results.

SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. This organization has been around since 2009 and they have made some significant discoveries with anti-aging development. Jason Hope realizes that their progress can make a difference in the future. This is one of the reasons why he supports this group. He believes enough in their research that he is willing to back up this belief with his money. To date, Hope has donated millions to this organization.

Anti-aging research is truly an important science that is going to impact the future. Jason Hope realizes that the field of medicine is heading in this direction. If researchers can reduce the aging process they certainly can help to eliminate the physical condition and diseases that accompanies this stage of life. Jason has a lot of hope that anti-aging research can improve the life of everyone well into the future.

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Sheriff Arpaio Should Be in Prison

Every single one of us should fight for justice and equality for all. There are many different worldviews where social justice is important. There are atheistic humanitarians who believe it is within our power to create utopia. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

There are naturalists that believe we have even called beyond our ancient ways of discrimination. Then there are those like me who are Christian and believe God desires them to promote social justice and fight for those he would consider oppressed.

Regardless of your reason why you are engages social justice; we all can agree that the American dream is not just belong to those inside the United States of America. Our country grew because immigrants came from other countries to hear in order to pursue a greater life.

We tell stories of how great and brave our ancestors were for doing such a thing. And yet, today, we look at the Mexican population coming across the border and act as if they have no right to a better life.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have moved to the front lines of the American political debate concerning immigration and they argue that we should extend the hand of fellowship to the Hispanic community. They rightly believe that the Hispanic community has every single right to pursue the best life for them and their families.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have taken to social media and newspapers in order to tell stories so that the hearts of the American people may be moved to welcome our Mexican brothers. In their reporting, they often discuss a name, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio is the head Sheriff in the Maricopa County. He is known across this nation as a hardliner and a ruthless man who takes extreme measures against immigration. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have reported on these extreme measures so that American citizens may call for justice.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio is guilty of stacking the police department in the Maricopa County so that it was full of those who would racially profile Hispanics.

On top of this, he also stacked the security guards in the local prisons with those who hated Mexicans. This led to needless abuse of Hispanic men and the death of many Hispanic women.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio is a man who believes he is above the law. He does not believe he needs to listen to the rules that regulate everybody else. He thought it would be right for him to take away the first amendment of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

In the middle of the night, he grabbed his personal Army and loaded up in black SUVs and went to the homes of these two men. Under the threat of murder as well as detention for life, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio ordered them to shut down their media organization.

News concerning this action spread across the country like wild fire with people calling against this action and demanding that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin be released to their homes.

Boraie Development, LLC: Work in Atlantic City

Boraie Development is in charge of a project that will bring to Atlantic City its first market-rate development in a quarter century. The Beach at South Inlet is a $ 81 million complex compounded by 250 brand new apartments in a lot surrounded by Atlantic, Pacific, NJ and CN avenues. This brings a pinch of light for a city that has become accustomed to bad news in the past 10 years when the closure of casinos and resorts were common in the World’s most famous playground. The City seems to start evolving from its gaming past to new types of investments like the one brought by Boraie. This will provide Atlantic City with a much-needed modern housing supply since around 61 percent of the city’s houses are older than 40 years. As Boraie’s Vice President, Wasseem Boraie said to the press: “new generation of renters knows what they want,” and he also said the complex will include different facilities such as gym, pool and lounge.


Omar Boraie sees this as an exciting opportunity to get in a whole new market, “We felt (there were) going to be incentives for those developers willing to take a first-mover risk,” he says. “That’s what we do. In every market we’re in, we’re first.” It will be an immense task for the real estate moguls since the place where they plan to build the complex is one of the most consistently unfruitful areas in AC, as all the surroundings of the empty Revel Casino-Hotel looks like they came out from a Western or a post-apocalyptic movie. Check out their website



But Boraie loves challenges, as he believes the city is evolving “from more of a cowboy economy to a more diversified economy (…) which you need for sustainability” as he cites examples like AtlantiCare, the William J. Hughes Technical Center, the future Bass Pro Shops, the soon-to-be renovated Pier Shops, and Richard Stockton College as important investments for the revival of Atlantic City as it now has a lot of well-remunerate employments not coming from the gaming industry. This causes a window of opportunity for Boraie as there’s a need for comfortable multifamily housing and the 250-apartments complex they have started responds to that demand. The future seems promising for both Boraie and Atlantic City. The Vegas of the East is coming back… Reloaded.



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Eric Lefkofsky American Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Eric Paul Lefkofsky on American billionaire and entrepreneur managed to help cofound several businesses in particular Groupon as well as Tempus. He has recently turned his attention towards the tackling of cancer. Since 2015 with the help of the company he created Tempus Labs he has searched for a way to improve the diagnosis of cancer patients he has used data by gathering cleaning and organizing the large volume of patient data company has been able to personalize care for optimal cancer therapy and treatment.

This is not the start of Eric’s philanthropic endeavors as in 2006 he along with his wife founded a charitable trust known as the Lefkofsky Foundation which had the aim to support charitable scientific and educational organizations around the world with a particular emphasis on children. Today this organization has labeled the funding of over 50 organizations.

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus a technology company which has a focus on the collection and elevation of molecular and clinical data. With the goals of enhancing precision medicine, the company has managed to create what are called data pipelines which help to collect cleanse and analyze data. When asked what the inspiration for the creation of this biotechnology company was Eric stated that someone who he cared for being afflicted by cancer was the impetus for the company.

The company has been able to collaborate with numerous hospital such as the Cleveland Clinic, Duke University school of medicine, Mayo Clinic, the University of Chicago medicine as well as countless local hospitals around the nation. As of September 2017 company has been able to raise over $130 million after a round of venture funding and the company was valued at over $700 million.

This is not the only company that Eric has founded he has founded the other global Internet commerce marketplace platform known as Groupon. In addition to these entrepreneurial endeavors, Eric has also held positions as a teacher at Kellstadt graduate school of business at Depaul University. Currently, he is serving as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth school of business where he helps many people in their entrepreneurial dreams.

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