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Marc Spark And Spark Tank Initiative Are Here For Business Not As Usual

Marc Sparks is not one of those people whom you’d describe using a single sentence, and when describing him, then you will have to touch on many other businesses and companies where he was associated. He is one of the few American venture capitalists, entrepreneur, businessperson and recently an author.

Sparks live in Texas, where he heads Timber Creek Capital and still maintaining several other portfolio companies. Just like other successful entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks has led various businesses to success, while at the same time having his share of challenges while running others. He is a strict follower of the gospel and believes that it is through the grace of God that he is what he is now.

Over the past, he has been in the real estate, capital investment and the telecommunication industry such as Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, and Cardinal telecom. During his 15 years in Timber Creek Capital, he has seen it offer a wide array of services including legal, sales and marketing, accounting, web development, graphic design, and other entrepreneurial services. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Talking about a Jack of all trades and a master of ‘all’ Sparks is also involved in Reliant Healthcare, Global Tech, Agency Matrix, Cobalt Real Estate Services, among others. It is through the ups and downs of running all these businesses over the years that he has gained enough experience that he recently decided to jot down his book entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ It talks more about his expertise in the business world and highlighting the challenges that he has come across as well as the good times he has had. Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

He further proves that in a world where academic excellence is interpreted as excelling in life, anyone through hard work and determination can also make it. Important to know that he was only a mere C student without a formal college education.

Park is also a renowned philanthropic in Texas, perhaps one of the reasons why he started the Spark Tank Initiative, which financially helps entrepreneurs whose ideas would end up in the financial institution’s dust bins, as unprofitable. However, the applicants are given a platform to present their ideas and compete to see whose outdoes the rest, and the winner is then funded with a $5000 check to kick-start their project. Spark Tank initiative is a collaboration project spearheaded by Marc Spark and Lynne Sipiora, who came together about one and a half decade ago.

First, your organization should be in existence for about two years, and be a 501c3 of the same period. Religious groups, political and national action organizations are also barred from participating. Sure as it is, the initiative is here to bring hope and change to how things are done.

Real Life Use Shows How Impressive Wen By Chaz Is For fine Hair

In a article I recently read I was happy to discover just how impressive the Wen hair By Chaz line of products really is. There are very few of us who have not seen the Facebook ads for this impressive line of products that promises to remove the need for styling products to get the perfect style of hair. In the article a hair stylist used the cleansing conditioner in a bid to see how it would affect her fine hair over the course of a regular working week.
WEN hair By Chaz is a product line created by professional hairdresser Chaz Dean as part of his ever growing hair products empire, which includes a number of different Chaz products. Dean did not follow a traditional path to hairdressing, but instead began his career in photography before finding his top career choice in hair design. After becoming one of the world’s most best known and loved celebrity hairstylists, Chaz Dean began to develop his own hair care products that reduce the need for a number of different hair care options.

In the article, I discovered the hair stylist testing the sephora sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner version of Wen hair found it had an overall positive effect on her hair; the stylist used the product at different times of the day, and discovered using the conditioner each morning gave her fine hair a shiny and thicker appearance.

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Dick DeVos’s West Michigan Aviation Academy Offered Aircraft and $150,000 Worth of Scholarship

West Michigan is an aviation college established in 2010, by Dick DeVos after a lot of encouragement from his wife. The tuition-free institution is located on the grounds of Gerald Ford International Airport, West Michigan.

The school originally accommodated 80 freshmen, juniors and sophomores but three years down the line, the high school has a capacity of approximately 500 students in a 42,500 square feet building.

Two years ago, West Michigan Aviation Academy was offered a scholarship and an aircraft from the Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Government Relations at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Louis Seno. The scholarship amounting over $150,000 was aimed at supporting students who were intended to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the next 20 years. The scholarship also entailed the donation of the late vice president father’s Corben Junior Ace aircraft to be displayed at the aviation schools at Gerald Ford International Airport.

Their partnership with the school would unite the power of education and aviation, share in their history and give back to the upcoming generation of aviators.

Each year, two graduates from West Michigan Aviation who wanted to join Embry-Riddle University would be offered $7500 to cater for their aviation fees.

The owner of the school, Dick DeVos expressed his gratitude, saying that the school would offer their graduates even more extended opportunities. He said that the lives of many graduates would change as a result of Seno and his wife’s generosity. The scholarship came shortly after Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation unveiled that they would offer $240000 in scholarship and funding to graduates of West Michigan Aviation earlier in February 2014.

And as Dick DeVos says, the school will continue to pursue growth, provide a rigorous education curriculum that is centered on aviation to prepare graduates for unlimited opportunities including college education, career success, and engaged citizenship. To stay up to date with what WMAA is doing, you can visit their website at

Venezuelan Workers to Receive Wage Increase

The work force of Venezuela will see an increase of 30% in their wages. This change in wage comes as the Venezuelan government tries to curb their failing economy. To be sure David Osio thinks the tanking Venezuelan economy has been causing shortages of food as well as massive inflation which is being felt by everyone in the country, especially the working class. Nicolas Maduro, the current president of Venezuela has been feeling intense pressure to step down from his opposition as the situation continues to worsen for this South American country. The rival group is hoping to kick Maduro out of his position with constant protests. This increase in wages seems to be a policy change in an attempt to quell the anger and frustration.
Hugo Chavez was the former president of Venezuela. Since his presidency, Venezuela has been operating under the ideology known as Chavismo. Many Venezuelans still find themselves strong supporters of Chavez as well as his socialistic ideals that are still being implemented today. The poor of the country have found solace in the government assisted programs and seem support their continuation.

Generating Wealth And Securing Financial Safety With Airbnb

Going on vacation can be expensive. Many individuals are finding platforms like AirBnb to be an affordable way to go places and stay in private homes for half the price of expensive hotels. The problem with this is that many homeowners are not considering the overall risk that they are taking when they rent out rooms, or even their whole house to strangers.

Insurance is a big consideration when having an Airbnb business. The basic home owner’s policy does not offer protection for short term rentals. This may fall into a category of insurance that is in the business realm. If a claim happens and the insurance policy does not know about the short term rentals, the individual could be in jeopardy of losing their policy. Always be sure to check with the insurance company so that your home and possessions are covered before the rentals occur.

There is also the possibility that the renters could get harmed on your property, harm your property, or cause damage to a neighbor’s property. These could lead to lengthy insurance litigations and get the home owner into a whole lot of trouble. The best way to protect self and others is to check with your municipality.

Sometimes the short term rental will fall into a bed and breakfast or motel type category. The municipality may require a special permit and special insurance for everyone involved.

An individual such as Richard Blair could sympathize with the home owner for wanting to generate more capital and bring their overall home expenses down. He has worked in the wealth generation business for more than 22 years and would appreciate those who take innovative measures to raise capital. Although, as someone who has experience in the wealth sector, he would also highly recommend the individual to examine all the positive and negative aspects of financial decisions.

This policy is a back up plan for damages and issues that may occur from using their service. The issue with this secondary policy is that the individual must exhaust all other options before filing a claim through Airbnb.

The desire to find new ways to generate capital for personal financial safety is nothing new. Be sure to know all of the aspects of the venture and have the advice of an experience attorney or financial expert before jumping in.

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Burnishing One’s Online Reputation

The world today allows for nearly instant access to data about all kinds of issues. People today can easily get on the net and find out information about any subject or any person. This information is also often quite detailed. Knowing this has led to many companies and other organizations thinking carefully about the kind of strategy they want to use to be able to make sure they have the best possible information about their activities out for the public to read. If something has happened damage control and the right help is an imperative task in today’s world, as a blog post in the Sacramento Bee points out.


The Right Help is Vital


One person who knows that such help is important is Darius Fisher. Fisher is the head of Status Labs, one of the nation’s leading providers of help for companies and individuals who may confront a problem with information about their organization that is inaccurate in some way. He knows the importance of immediately addressing any issue that may arise at some point in time as quickly as possible in order to make sure that all information that is out there is correct for all those reading it.


Development Tools
Under his supervision, companies and individuals can learn about all potential tools they may have at their disposal in order to help correct any information about them personally or their organization that is that not accurate. He knows that it is possible to use such tools to help manage any potential crisis and overcome it effectively. This is why his company has been so successful in helping assist many people overcome such problems. Many people have been able to work with Fisher to help them figure out how to work with the internet properly to communicate with those in search of accurate information.

Athletic Inspired Fashion Footwear Has Been Around Longer Than Anyone Suspected

Athletic shoes didn’t become fashion statements until the 1970s. Companies like Nike, Puma, New Balance, Converse and JustFab on youtube became famous when the sport of running caught on in the United States. The Converse “All-Star” was the only brand that was known countrywide before James Fix wrote his bestselling book, The Complete Book of Running. In those days, Phil Knight, Nike’s founder, was still dying to get his running shoes on the shelves of shoes stores across the country. Converse was considered the top brand of basketball shoes in the nation.

As the 1980s rolled in, so did fashion athletic shoes. Brightly colored running shoes, basketball shoes and other hybrid styles on Instagram that developed from those looks became typical street wear and fashion statements. Stars like Michael Jordan and other celebrities sign deals with athletic shoe companies, and they changed the face of fashion footwear. A pair of Jordan basketball shoes were suddenly worth as much as a pair of Gucci loafers.

The history of shoes has always started with the Romans and the Greeks. The Italians became the premier shoe makers through the years. There was little talk about sport shoes in Italy or Europe. The German brand, Adidas, and the company’s three stripe trademark had some success in Europe, and limited success in the United States when the company started in 1949. Nike and the other athletic shoe companies decided to mirror what Adidas was doing in Europe, so Adidas could be considered the brand that started the athletic shoe craze.

But a recent discovery in Mongolia may date the three striped athletic shoe to around 500 A.D., according to a recent article published by Footwear News. A 1,500-year-old mummy was recently discovered wearing a pair of boots that had the three stripe Adidas trademark on the side of the boot. The news that the three-stripe look was in vogue in Mongolia 1,500 years ago sent a shock wave through the footwear industry.

Ross Abelow Helps Strays Like Activist Are Helping Raise Wages

How many times do you go into a fast food restaurant each week? The fast food industry is one of the biggest job opportunities for young adults beginning to work and older adults looking for a supplement to their incomes. Fast food chains are happy to employ the older adults and are planning to increase the minimum wage to fifteen dollars in New York. This raise in pay will increase over the next three years. Over two hundred thousand people will feel the impact of higher wages. The New York state wage hike will help over thirty fast food locations and many workers. Other states such as California, and Washington is approving the income increase as well. Activist are speaking out for a long time. They agree that fast food companies need to increase their pay wage to meet the cost of living in the areas. According to Yahoo Food, New Yorkers are eagerly awaiting the final go ahead on the hike in minimum wage to take place. Fast food workers are happy just knowing people are beginning to take a look at them and their job performance.

Ross Abelow loves to work for the underdog. He helps people fight for what is right. He is a family man that specializes in family law. Wills and other documents are just a few of the legal papers Ross can help his clients complete. Legal representation is available in New York for almost any type of legal issue you may have come up. Lawyer Lighthouse lists the lawyers in the area and helps you find the type lawyer you need for your legal issue.

Strays in New York are happy to have someone like Ross Abelow on their side. He walks the streets of New York and notices a number of unwanted animals hiding in the back alleys. He can see the dogs and cats rummaging through the trash cans daily. He knows they are searching for food and he wants to help them find a way to have food daily without rummaging. Ross recently visited the local animal shelters to see what is being done for strays. He learned of the harsh reality. The food and blanket donations are low.

Wikipedia: An Important Way to Build Your Name

These days, there are many ways to get your name out there with so many avenues of social media. However, some are more important and more vital than others. One of those that many people use today and have great success with is Wikipedia. It helps people know who you are, what you have accomplished, and your history. It’s like a resume online that sums up all of the important details of your life and what you have done in your line of work. Thankfully, there is a new tool that helps Wikipedia editors translate articles.

In case you were unfamiliar with the power of Wikipedia, know this: it exists in over 300 languages. That means not only do you get an American audience, you get an audience all over the world that is interested in you and your Wikipedia business page creation. That is a lot of people to reach and a lot of people that are made aware of your existence. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting your foot in the door. With Wikipedia, more people than ever can Google your name, find your name, or learn about your business or brand.

Brand is a word that is tossed around a lot these days and for good reason: it means something. Your brand is what you represent and your core beliefs. It helps people get to know you, understand you, and have a clear vision for your ideas. This new tool makes it easy for Wikipedia editors for hire to notice entries that might be missing or overlooked. Site editors work hard making Wikipedia revisions and sometimes they need a little help.

With so many entries and so much knowledge being thrown their way, it is important they have all of the tools they need to succeed. It makes it easier for both the editors and the person wanting to expand and grow on their page. They don’t want a page with errors or missing items. They want a page that stands out and gives all of the information they need in all possible languages. This tool is going to change the way that people look at Wikipedia and help them out. Everyone wins with this tool and that’s the true beauty of it.

This is why hiring Wiki writers from a trusted service such as Get Your Wiki can be a good idea for your business or brand. Hire a Wikipedia writer to make your article for you that is accurate and will bring your business more customers as it will help spread the word about your company or brand. Make a Wiki page in a snap when you employ the services of a Wikipedia writing company to find the perfect Wikipedia writer for hire for you and your business.

Gold Prices Could Double Soon And Savvy Investors Are Buying Now According To U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl

Philip Diehl has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to investing in the gold and silver market. His insight comes from years of experience in the precious metal industry. DiehlÕs resume is a lesson in how to win friends and influence people. As a former Director of the United States Mint, and chief of staff of the U.S. Treasury as well as staff director for the Senate Finance Committee, Diehl worked with some very powerful people. When Diehl left government service, he decided to continue his love and fascination for the gold market by accepting the presidency of the U.S. Money Reserve.

Mr. Diehl sat down to talk about gold coins and gold with interviewed Diehl recently. Listeners got an earful about the precious metal market and what was in store for investors that are taking his advice seriously. also published an article about Diehl and the comments he made on the podcast. Gold appreciated at a steady clip from 2000 to 2011, but gold did slow down. In 2015, gold prices dropped again, but Diehl said the drop didnÕt last long because the stock market is making investors very nervous, and when that happens, the smart investors buy gold and silver. ThatÕs exactly what happen at the beginning of 2016. Gold is up by more than 6 percent in the first quarter of 2016, and that is just the start of the increase that Diehl thinks will be record-breaking.

According to, the reason that Diehl is so gun-ho about gold is simple. Gold shines the brightest in investorsÕ eyes in times of stress, and in 2016, the stress factor is off the charts. Economists around the world are waiting for China’s other economic shoe to drop with regards to what is included in the US Money Reserve saga. China could send the world into a global recession. But gold doesnÕt have a huge industrial use, so it is not affected by a global slowdown. Chinese investors are pulling out of the Chinese stock market and investing in gold, and U.S. investors are doing the same.

Gold prices are well below the record high of $1,900 an ounce in 2011, but Diehl believes gold will surpass that record in 2016.