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Don Ressler: The Rise of the Visionary Behind JustFab and Fabletics

Don Ressler is a visionary who has been in the industry of beauty, comfort, and e-commerce, to name a few examples. Ressler’s love for marketing and business was exhibited when he was a young boy. In fact, he started one of his earliest endeavors when he was just 19 years old. The business was successful, though it was short lived since he had bigger fish to fry.

Don Ressler continued his career with other startups, which made him a very successful young man and quite wealthy, but he was still not happy with what he was doing. It was around 2010 that his Intelligent Beauty company launched a subdivision that he felt very happy about, which was called JustFab.

It mixed beauty, comfort, health, and e-commerce into one nice package. It was meant to be the company where the active person could go and find the right clothes at a reasonable price. Don Ressler was not sure how the product would be received, but he devoted his marketing skills to it to ensure it was successful. In no time at all, the company had garnered the full support of the people and became a success.

Ressler wanted JustFab to close the gaps that other retailers were simply ignoring regarding the everyday consumer. This is one reason why JustFab quickly became known as the line that mixed both quality and affordable prices. This impressive businessman understood that people are willing to pay a little more for quality just as long as the prices are not astronomical.  See:

It was around this time that he got the idea to work with a well-known actress on a new line that was meant to wow JustFab clients even more. Ressler worked with none other than Kate Hudson to bring Fabletics to life. It was a line made with high quality materials but with an astonishing eye for fashion, which was provided by Hudson. The line was meant to fill another gap that Don Ressler saw in the industry. Active wear clothing lines simply sell functional clothes without really attempting to make them stylish. Fabletics is made to look cute but also function as active wear. Of course, this part of the business has done very well, too. Who knows what else Ressler has in-store for those who follow his ideas, but it will surely be worthwhile.

David Osio, CEO of Davos Financial Group, Announces a New Mobile App

David Osio, the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, said that Davos Real Estate Group will release a new mobile app for Android and iPhone devices called the “Davos CAP Calculator.” Mr. Osio said that this app is designed to help people figure out the return on their real estate investments.

The Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerald González, has worked with the tech company Tecknolution for several months perfecting this complimentary mobile app.

The team at Davos Real Estate Group hopes that this app will both help their clients understand their investment strategies with greater clarity and make the entire investment experience more interactive. To achieve this goal, the app developers made it possible for users to send historical real estate information straight to their agent through this app. This app will even allow people to chat in real-time with their financial advisors if they have any questions.

Many people may have heard of Davos Financial Group, which is currently one of the most popular financial advisory firms in Latin America. The Davos Real Estate Group is an independent company attached to Davos Financial Group.

To get a sense of this powerful company, it is really important to take a brief look at the man who founded it: David Osio. Mr. Osio began his higher education by studying law at the Universidad Católica Adrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. He graduated with honors in the year 1988.

From 1989-1993, Mr. Osio worked as Vice President of Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International. It was here that Mr. Osio got hands-on experience both supervising and directing the management of both corporate and private banking strategies for the bank.

In 1993, Mr. Osio founded his famous Davos Financial Group, which works to help individuals and institutions with financial guidance. Mr. Osio oversees Davos Financial Group’s positioning in both domestic and international markets. He also keep a close eye on the overall management of his company. Throughout his tenure, Davos Financial Group has grown considerably around the world, with offices now in New York, Geneva, Lisbon, Miami, and Panama City.

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The Contribution of Kennet Goodgame in Enhancing Marketing, Sales and Retail Merchandising

Kenneth Goodgame, the Chief Merchandising Officer and Senior Vice President of True Value Hardware Corporation, is a highly influential professional and his input into the company has helped in the creation a global outlook. His specialization helps to bring about the creation of billion- and million-dollar OEM projects through streamlined financial oversight and technical innovative merchandising.

True Value Company offers retailers all the services they may need to streamline customer interaction and inventory management. Through his tenure from 2013, Kenneth Goodgame has injected relevant effort to help the company expand internationally and enhance their scope of services.

Previously, Goodgame worked with several successful companies, and his career growth can be attributed to the fact he has maintained the professionalism required in the industry. His extensive experience is an addition that offers him a veteran’s eye, hence his skilled approach to marketing and merchandising challenges.

Contribution and duties of Kenneth Goodgame at True Value Hardware Corporation
Ken Goodgame’s achievements should not be reviewed without the mention of his contribution at True Value Corporation. Among the services he offered to the company include:

He created and managed a comprehensive P&L valued more than $2.2 billion. He also managed global purchasing worth more than $320 million. This was made possible through the establishment of cross-functional groups that were tasked with creating a strategic plan for long-term growth.
He also recruited a management team compliant with category rules, heat mapping, POG/JDA management practices and pricing.
Kenneth Goodgame also looked into low-performance buying teams and created a high-energy team culture that would help to revitalize the rather poorly performing 40 percent of buyers.

Balanced corporate alignment
Through focused service delivery, Kenneth Goodgame has been able to offer balanced corporate alignment through the exploration of key performance indicators, and employee engagement. He invests his time in creating quality improvements and promoting growth through leadership. Kenneth Goodgame uses cost analysis methods and productivity enhancement procedures to arrive at tenable solutions.

Prior corporate interactions
Before joining True Value Corporation in 2013, Kenneth Goodgame was working as the General Merchandising Manager at Ace Hardware Corporation (2010 – 2013). His roles included the management of $3.2+ P&L for global purchasing and more than $600 active inventory, which would cover as much as 78,000 SKUs. As the chair of the department, he came up with more than 80 percent of the corporate strategy applied by the company. Through his leadership, the company achieved an overall improvement of gross margin by 400 before the end of 2012.

Philanthropic CEO Leads By Examples And Motivates His Company to Do the Same

Talk Fusion is a company that has successfully started to transform the communications industry with a variety of video communication products, such as video emails and a revolutionary video calling platform that’s designed to connect a broad range of devices that run on different operating systems.

Since the company’s inception in 2007, it’s founder and CEO Bob Reinas has tried to instill his strong sense of philanthropy into Talk Fusion’s culture and even business practices.

They have done everything from launch free trials to donating a substantial amount of funds to charities. The company’s latest philanthropic endeavor, however, wants to take charitable giving one step further by offering certain clients the ability to opt into a charity account program at no extra cost.

The account is managed entirely by Talk Fusion and gives charities and non-profits access to many of the company’s services like video newsletters and easy to use sign-up forms. The charities will also have access to a live meeting platform and Talk Fusion’s popular video chat service.

He has continued to donate personally to a variety of causes like the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, where he made a record $1 million donation.

He has been featured in several articles regarding his philanthropic accomplishments, with one of the latest articles detailing his ‘mission to change lives’. In the article, Bob is quoted as saying “With great success comes greater responsibility.”

A saying that he has proven time and time again, through his personal, charitable activities to the change that his company, Talk Fusion, has brought to hundreds of individuals around the world.


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Eric Pulier Has Created The Government Enterprise System Of Today

Eric Pulier is one of the most-innovative men in the world, and his innovations have been used time and again to help improve efficiency at the government level. Government agencies have used Eric’s systems for quite some time, and this article explains how the enterprise system culture has changed the world.

#1: Eric’s Enterprise Systems Connect Everything

The cell phones, tablets and computers in a government office have been connected by systems created by Eric, and he has expanded his systems since the days of the Clinton Administration. He was a member of the Y2K transition team, and his creations were used to prevent the world’s computers from shutting down when everything turned to the year 2000. He helps the government complete more work in a day with his computer systems, and he releases updates often.

#2: Eric Is An Entrepreneurial Guru

Eric is a guru who prefers to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. His assists nonprofits who offer information to new entrepreneurs, and he has chosen quite a few people to assist with his creative mind.

#3: He Has Assisted The Disabled

Eric Pulier start his first foundations out of college where he created technology for students and adults with disabilities. He introduced his work to schools where students were not performing well, and he offered information to adults who required technology for their disabilities once school was complete. Eric’s commitment to people has been long-lasting, and he continues to ask where technology may be used to help the average American.

#4: The X Prize Committee

Eric’s final post is the X Prize committee where he is tapped to assess submissions to the committee. He uses his considerable skill to choose winners in several categories, and he will ensure every winner has been given a thorough assessment of their work.

Eric Pulier has made a name for himself in enterprise technology. He uses his influence in the technology community to help others wherever he can.

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John Goullet And DIVERSANT’s Top Executives

DIVERSANT is one of the biggest IT staffing and solutions companies in the United States. It is the leading African American owned company that provides IT talent on contract, contingent, as well as on a permanent basis. DIVERSANT provides IT talent that meets the needs of its clients that comprises of mid-market players and Fortune 500 firms in a select number of sectors. The firm is strongly committed to offering excellent service.

It is a certified Minority Business Enterprise provider. DIVERSANT is committed to the promotion of diversity. That is because of the greater opportunities and innovative solutions it offers to each player in the supply chain. Its products and services are guided by transformative ideas, which are aimed at satisfying the needs of the clients, associates, and the communities they serve.

DIVERSANT is led by top executives that have great experience in the industry. That includes Gene Waddy, John Goullet, and Jim Yoshimura. Gene Waddy is the CEO of DIVERSANT. He is also the owner of the firm. Gene is a visionary entrepreneur that has the greatest professional expertise. He has guided DIVERSANT to develop strong reputation for excellence among several Fortune 500 firms. Before establishing DIVERSANT, Gene worked at Spherion Technology as the National Practice Director for the firm’s Infrastructure Services. He controlled the provision of IT staffing nationwide.

Jim Yoshimura has a staffing and consulting experience of over 30 years. He is a successful executive that works as the COO of DIVERSANT.  Previously, Yoshimura served in several key positions in the staffing sector before joining DIVERSANT.

About John Goullet
He is the Principal of DIVERSANT. John Goullet is an experienced executive in the IT staffing industry. His specialties include solutions architecture, web solutions, quality assurance, and infrastructure support. As a leading entrepreneur, Goullet has led in the creation of successful business in the IT industry. One of the highly successful ventures is Info Technologies. It is an IT staffing firm he established in 1994. At DIVERSANT, John focuses on creating new ways to meet the needs of the IT marketplace that is constantly evolving.

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Linda Owen Chosen By James Dondero To Oversee Highland Capital Management’s Charitable Contributions

Highland Capital Management’s co-founder and president, James Dondero, has chosen civic leader Linda Owen to be the firm’s charitable giving manager, giving her the responsibility of directing Highland Capital’s expanding contribution activities of over $3 million annually. James Dondero decided it was necessary to designate these responsibilities to a specific individual in order to create effective relationships and make positive changes in the community.

Highland Capital Management is an asset management firm based in Dallas, Texas, and was founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. It is a leading alternative asset manager, which utilizes asset structures such as hedge funds, separate accounts, distressed and spacial situations private equity, CLOs, mutual funds, and EFTS, particularly in the healthcare industry. Dondero studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia and is now a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst who serves on the boards of multiple organizations, including American Banknote Corporation, MGM Studios, NexBank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare

The Dallas Foundation, which oversees Highland’s charitable giving, donates to a variety of causes and organizations, including the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the American Heart Association, the Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, the Center for Brain health, and more. Not only does the firm contribute to these and other organizations financially, but by contributing their time by serving as active board members.
Having been involved in a number of nonprofit organizations, Owen believes working with Highland is “an incredible opportunity to work alongside a firm with that kind of dedication.” Owen was formerly the president and CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, and prior to that, was the president and CEO of The Real Estate Council.


The Kabbalah Centre Provides A Safe Place For Spiritual Study

The Kabbalah Centre was started by Philip and Karen Berg after their interests in the mystic study of Kabbalah were ignited. They started the Centre in Los Angeles to provide a place for seekers like themselves to study, and they have grown their foundation to includes offices across the globe. This article explains what Kabbalah is, how the Berg family runs the foundation and why spiritual study is vital for the soul.

#1: What Is Kabbalah?

Philip and Karen Berg found Kabbalah because it focuses on discerning where God is in life. Students of this mystic teaching are looking for places where they may see God in their every day lives, and and students may study quite a few teachings to learn where they may find God. The Bergs are adamant that Kabbalah is not a religion. They support the study of scripture to find the heart of God freely.

#2: How Does The Kabbalah Centre Help?

The Kabbalah Centre is a safe place where students may enter for study. Every Kabbalah Centre office has scriptures from the Torah to the Bible that may be studied, and students are encouraged to partake in the traditions of multiple religions. Kabbalah asks every student to use their personal faith and study to expound on their relationship with God.

#3: How Do The Bergs Manage The Foundation?

The Bergs are happy to greet their subjects at the Centre every day, but they allow their students to study in their own way. The Berg family has properly helped teach Kabbalah by not forcing anyone to learn in a regimented fashion. The Kabbalah Centre is a free space where God is found in a number of different ways, and the Bergs value the freedom of Kabbalah over the desire of organized religion to force everyone into a box.

The team at The Kabbalah Centre is an excellent place for students to further their study of faith, religion and the presence of God. God may be found in the Kabbalah Centre after study and meditation, and it is the finest location in the world for someone with a desire to learn. Find the Kabbalah Centre on Facebook for more information.


The Illustrious Life Of Stephen P Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was born in the year 1962 in New York. Although he would only live to be 52 years old, the man would become one of the most influential people in the investment business.

Murray went to Boston College to start his education, and it was there that he eventually earned his degree in economics. After finishing his education in Boston in 1984, Murray continued to study. He carried out the remainder of his academic career at Colombia Business School. It was during his time at this institution that he decided he wanted to try his hand at investing.

Of course, the rest is history. Murray would go on to one day become the president and chief of CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital was a private equity firm which focused its main priorities on growth equity transactions. Buying out other companies was also a common practice at the firm.

Although he was always very influential and well respected in his professional life, it was his philanthropy that so many people will remember Stephen P. Murray for. For much of his life, Murray supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. His help no doubt supported millions as the Foundation in that city is one of the nation’s largest. In addition to his charity in New York, Murray supported the Foodbank of Lower Fairfield County.

Aside from helping the less fortunate, Stephen Murray was very happy to lend his time and money to the fine educational institutions that he attended as a young man.

Stephen P. Murray was married with four children. He was considered to be an inspiration by many of the people who knew him personally. His kindness touched the lives of countless people whom he never even met. Sadly, sometimes the best of people are only allowed a short time on this earth. Murray died at the relatively young age of 52 in his home, for unclear reasons.

His death has proven to be very difficult for CCMP Capital, and the future of the company continues to be a challenging and unpredictable one. The man’s death has left many people sad and confused, but in this situation it would be best to follow his example and persevere. That is what he would have wanted, after all.

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Taking Care of Your Hair With Wen by Chaz

WEN Hair by Chaz is a great option to help take care of your hair and to make it feel the best it can. You may think it’s going to be hard to have the best hair care for yourself. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you may think.

Hair Care

The first thing you may notice about the Wen by Chaz hair care is that it comes all together. This makes things easier because you don’t have to worry about forgetting a part of the treatment. What this will do for you is help you to get nicer looking hair without thinking so much about it.

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Damage Repair

Wen hair by Chaz can help your hair to heal once it’s been damaged. What it does is fill in the gaps that are left with damaged hair. Then the hair will start looking shiny and will also feel better to the touch. You may also notice that it’s easier to style and that can make a difference. That is what you may be needing in order to help repair the damage and make the hair loo great.

There are a lot of different options on Sephora that you can use but you need to find the one that is going to be best for you. This may mean looking at what your hair needs so you can choose the products that will help the most. Wen by Chaz can help you with all of the damage you may have in your hair and it can help keep it looking nice for a long time to come. Wen hair products can be purchased online on Amazon.

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