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The Ways that Patti Rocklage Can Use Herself as an Example in Marriage Counseling

One of the principles of counseling is gaining the trust of the client. After all, the client has to trust the counselor so that he will share everything that is needed to deal with his issues. This same principle applies to marriage counseling. However, marriage counseling can be a little bit trickier because often times, the two partners are at odds with each other. The counselor has to find a way to be fair and come to a solution without coming off as biased. It does not matter who is in the wrong. the whole point is to make sure that both parties are able to come to an agreement with something that they need to address and read full article.

One person who is good at helping people overcome their issues in their marriage is Patty Rocklage. She manages to avoid being biased. At the same time, she has a talent for making both parties feel welcome, encouraged and empowered. She also knows how to use herself as an example. This is one of the best ways to gain the trust of clients and let them know that their goals are attainable. One thing that people are going to listen more to is someone that has been there and is willing to help out with empathy and Patty’s lacrosse camp.

Patti Rocklage is also good at identifying the key issue in the marriage. She knows how to ask the right questions and make the right statements. For one thing, she is able to get people to think about different things that have an effect on their relationships. When they are able to gain breakthroughs and new insights, then they will be able to handle some of the issues in their relationships in ways that are going to make sure that they will be able to move forward.

Beneful: Wholesome Ingredients For Your Dog!

Per serving of Beneful dog treats, they typically have as low as 4 calories or as high as 97.6. The product with the lowest calorie count on the Beneful website is BenefulIncredibites: Meaty Minis. They are made with chicken being the first ingredient, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, among other nutritional ingredients. The treat with the highest calorie count are the Healthy Smile Dental Twists (Large), designed to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup in larger dogs.

Coupons for Beneful dog treats can be found at: “where you can save $3 on your next Beneful dry food recipe with real meat being the #1 ingredient!” The highest rated dog treat product on the website are the “Baked Delights Snackers,” they have a total of 53 reviews, an average of about 4.8 stars. They are described as a super-savory, super snackable, oven baked treats with a soft center and made with peanut butter and cheese flavors. And they only have 23.8 calories per piece! For puppies, it is recommended to give them something a little softer until they reach maturity.

Costumers would recommend the tender beef Break-N-Bites! Beneful treats are also great foor for senior dogs, especially the dental treats, which have been proven to help fight tartar buildup. Tartar and bacterial buildup in the mouth is a huge factor for tooth decay and bad breath! The most highly recommended flavor of dog treat is either chicken or beef, both are pretty well tied. The most popular treat on the site are the Break-N-Bites Crunchy: Chicken. They are new and highly rated by customers. Overall, all treats seem to be made with wholesome ingredients that any dog would love!

Todd Lubar Sits Down With IdeaMensch To Share His Stories of Success

Culture has naturally gravitated towards persons of interests who push boundaries within industries and life itself. Whether it is inventors searching for the next breakthrough to fundamentally change society or leaders of industries creating retail empires, the public has found sources of knowledge and inspiration from the lives they lead.

Though as headlines fill the news feed of Linked In; with the latest ventures of Elon Musk and business acquisitions; far too often, the stories and lessons learned by leaders of innovation and business rarely find a platform to share.

Bridging the gap between the interested public and entrepreneurs, IdeaMensch has consistently brought together interested readers and inspiring pieces from movers and shakers within a diverse section of industries.

The latest piece published by the talented writing team at IdeaMensch found Todd Lubar sitting down with writers to discuss his experiences in business while building a successful real estate career and his latest venture to help individuals attain their dreams of property ownership.

Todd Lubar has learned quite a few valuable lessons within his career and was more than willing to share a few gems of wisdom with the readers of Twitter.

Heralded above all the lessons he learned during his time in real estate and as an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar expressed the need for honest and open communication channels within any business to ensure success. Lubar imparted that of all the things he would do over differently within his storied career is bringing the right people into his circle much sooner.

Todd Lubar Found Early Success Within Real Estate

Before starting TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar built a successful career within real estate culminating in the prominent acknowledgment of becoming one of the top leaders of mortgage origination within the country.

Working within the industry for over twenty years, Todd Lubar gained invaluable insight into the behind the scenes aspect of home ownership. It is this insight that has lead Lubar to create his latest venture. As his latest entrepreneur endeavor, Todd Lubar created TDL Global Ventures to help individuals overcome many of the obstacles that stand in the way of home ownership.

If you would like to read more about Todd Lubar please visit

EOS Lip Balms Are The Best On The Market Today

EOS Lip Balm is full of unique flavors, sphere-shaped items, and a wide array of new additional features like SPF to give your lips the care that it needs. The brand has been known for crafting all kinds of unique flavors and designs that is changing the way people see this market. The truth is that EOS Lip Balm is one of the best in its industry, and you are going to love the beauty of this brand. Their humble beginnings prove that the brand had a long way.

When the product was first being made, they couldn’t get it into stores because they didn’t realize that so many men weren’t interested. They always knew that their target audiences were going to be women between the ages of 25-35, but they needed to get through to the men who decided if EOS was going to go into the stores or not. One woman who had control over the Walgreens stores decided that the EOS lip balms would be perfect for their stores. It took a bit of time, but eventually Target joined Walgreens and started selling their products. EOS Lip Balm eventually grew to become quite the success.

They all started by trying to get the buzz going about the company. It all happened with the help of doing more online marketing and advertising. They did so by simply working towards having influential people in social media come in and promote the products. They were able to promote to so many people, and the beauty bloggers did a whole lot to get people going and interested in the product. EOS ( has received recognition from all across the globe and is currently the only brand in this oversaturated market to still continue promoting. They expect to earn million more in revenue in the coming year.

Sam Tabar And His Successful Career In Hedge Funds

Sam Tabar currently practices law in the state of New York. He is a licensed attorney with experience and skill in his chosen field. He has been a graduate of Oxford University since 2000. He has earned both a BA and an MA in law. After graduation he continued his education at Columbia Law School where he earned his LLM. He also began working for Skedden as an associate on 2001. Read more: Sam Tabar: A Great Mind For Investments

Sam Tabar has held numerous positions with a high profile. He worked as a senior associate for the law firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He has also worked for Merrill Lynch in the position of the head of their Asia Pacific Capital Introduction division. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Sam Tabar received a major break in 2004. This was when he began working for PMA. He was given the opportunity to manage head funds and begin dealing with clients on a direct basis. He was so successful he went all the way up the ladder to the position of one of the heads of Business Development as well as Managing Director for the company. He stayed with the company for six years and then he received another incredible opportunity.

Tabar’s career really started to take off in 2011. This was the year he went to work for Merrill Lynch. This gave him an affiliation with the Asia Pacific region and the knowledge he belonged in management and hedge funds. His direct dealings in this area paid off and established his career.

Mr. Tabar’s strength as a capital strategist became incredibly important when he took a job with Adenval LLC. In 2014 he began his own practice and handles a lot of the high profile contracts he was responsible for developing in his career. He manages hedge funds throughout the world.

Tabar spends some of his free time hosting events which he finds both challenging and rewarding. He also enjoys traveling when he can take the time away from his successful career.

Fundamental Truths Concerning Citizens United

In 2010, the Supreme Court made a ruling that has since affected the justice system. We know that the landscape of the American elections has taken on a terrible lane. It became much worse when the lawful system went ahead to establish a legal foundation for the idea that “corporations are people.” The directive opened a pathway for the wealthy Americans to bankroll the elections. The aim of such corporations is to tip the equilibrium of political influence in their favor.


Efforts by End Citizens United to Restore Sanity in America’s Elections


The governmental feat agency was established in 2015 with the aim of eradicating Citizens United. Grassroots donors are the primary source of funds for the committee. The crew has reviewed the adverse effects spewed by Citizens United. They have made efforts to restructure the political finance system, which is the reason there is increased corruption. They have joined hands as an agency to fight against the individuals purporting to have the power to buy elections. Among the many measures they have in place includes pressuring the policy-makers to hearken to the cry of the just.


Ways Through Which the Action Committee Intends to Set Up an Expenditure Arm


I understand that they are pushing for reforms locally and at the state level. They, therefore, require quite a huge budget. To make it efficient, they intend to get individuals who are like-minded and elect them to push for change. Those people will be added to the lot that had been attacked by the Koch brothers and other black-money crews. The group will then establish an autonomous expenses arm that will provide a back-up for the candidates. They will take on to the television through adverts, direct mailing as well as polling.


End Citizens United’ Public Awareness Measures


Hasen acknowledges that such active groups as End Citizens United serve a great purpose in the political system. They do not allow room for laxity of the judicial system. Their influence has prevented the decision made in 2010 from making the elections system worse. In their efforts, they have also endorsed veterans in their campaigns. Wisconsin’ Sen. Russ Feingold and Colorado’s Sen. Michael Bennet are among the Republican candidates endorsed by the action committee. It is an uphill task for the candidates as well as the entire board. However, for the good of America, they have chosen that daunting path.




Despite being a high bar, I believe that it is achievable. The grassroots support will take them a long way in establishing their goals. Every American should make a point of joining the champions of finance for corporate efforts. Meanwhile, strategizing and fundraising activities continue. It is time to pull out all the rogue corporates polluting America’s elections.

Unicorn is the hottest trend in lip products, and Lime Crime is now part of the unicorn herd with three new shades in its Diamond Crushers line of top coats, and a new line of Unicorn Hair Dye.


Lime Crime’s new Diamond Crushers lip trio collects Acid Fairy (holographic), Cleopatra (rose gold), and Black Unicorn (a shiny black). Diamond Crushers are Lime Crime’s popular line of water-based lip products to be worn on their own or over lipstick. These top coats help lock in moisture and make color last extra long.


Acid Fairy, Black Unicorn, and Cleopatra will join other Diamond Crushers colors Choke, Dope, Fluke, Lit, Strip, and Trip. Choke, Dope, Fluke, and Strip are each different shades of pink, while Lit is golden and Trip is an iridescent blue-purple.


These top coats will retail for $19 each. Alternately, shoppers can choose the Black Unicorn bundle and get all three new Diamond Crushers shades for $40. No official date for when the Black Unicorn shades will debut has been announced yet.


Unicorn semi-permanent hair dye comes in eleven vivid shades. These colors are called Leeloo (red-orange), Neon Peach, Bunny (cotton candy pink), Strawberry Jam (magenta), Chocolate Cherry (maroon), Pony (purple), Gargoyle (stone gray), Dirty Mermaid (teal), Salad (green), Jello (deep green), and Sext (lavender). None of these colors contain ammonia, bleach, or peroxide.


The hair dye bottles will retail for $16 apiece. Again, Lime Crime hasn’t yet announced an official debut date.


As always, Lime Crime’s beauty products are certified cruelty-free and vegan.

Squaw Valley Releases Report on November 30 Concenring Water Quality on the Upper Mountain

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is the site of the 1964 Winter Olympics, and Andy Wirth is now CEO and president of Squaw Valley Holdings. In November 2016, Squaw Valley reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health that E. coli and coliform bacteria had been detected in the upper mountain’s drinking water. Management immediately closed the restaurants on the mountain until further investigation occurred.


When Andy Wirth contacted the health department, he also contacted two water system specialists in order to have second opinions on what happened, and how to restore the system. They found three out of the four of the upper mountain wells still showed low levels of coliform and E. coli. Some of the treatment had been started, and there was an improvement.


Squaw Valley is providing bottled water for all the visitors and skiers until the entire issue has been resolved. Because of this precaution, no health issues have been reported, and skiing is permitted throughout the resort. Squaw Valley is dedicated to providing the utmost safety at the Olympic Valley resort.


On November 30, the PR Director for Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Resorts released the following statement about what happened concerning the water system in the upper mountains.


Apparently, an unusually heavy rain had occurred in October in Placer County, and several water systems in the area were affected. At Squaw Valley, the unusually high amount of water inundated the water systems at High Camp and Gold Coast, which had been upgraded during the summer.


The result was contamination of those systems, and the problem was completely confined to them with none of the other resort’s water systems affected. During routine testing, this issue was discovered and Squaw Valley immediately contacted the health department. Because of this isolation, no one was exposed to the contaminated water.


The safety experts have been working to bring the levels back to normal, and until then, restaurants will remain closed and bottled water will continue to be distributed throughout the property. When officials have found the water to be 100 percent safe, the facility will be reinstated.




Equities First Holdings Grow in Popularity Among Borrowers

Equities First Holdings, LLC is also known as EFH. It is an international lender and a leader in alternative shareholder financing services. The company has been experiencing more traction in stock-based and margin loans in an economic era where banks and lending institutions have made the lending criteria tight. This is according to an article published by Marketwired in July 2016. Equities First Holdings is gaining popularity as another form of lending for borrowers who require coming up with fast capital and those who are not candidates for the traditional credit-based loans. Many banks have recently cut down their lending options, increased interest rates, and tightened loan qualifications despite the fact that there are other available options for such borrowers.

Al Christy Jr. is the CEO and founder of EFH. Christy says that loans that are collateralized by stocks are an innovative borrowing option for people who are looking for working capital. He adds that stock-based loans usually have a loan-to-value ratio that is higher compared to margin loans. They also offer an interest rate that is fixed and provides certainty through the transaction life. Christy stated that stock-based loans frequently offer a hedge since the borrower is minimizing their investment risk in the downside market. He continues to say that majority of stock-based loans comprise of a non-recourse element that enables a borrower to leave a stock loan at any time.

EFH was established in 2002. It offers alternative financing solutions and supplies capital against stocks that are publicly traded to allow their customers to meet their professional and personal goals. The company has managed to complete more than 650 transactions. It is estimated to be worth $1.4 billion. Equities First Holdings is an international company. It has offices in nine countries. The company has employed top professionals who have experience and expertise in their field of work. They offer customized services to their clients and contact it.

Arthur Becker Does Not Have a Set Formula

One of the most important aspects of success is to know that there is no magic bullet or set formula. The market is always changing and could change significantly in one day. Therefore, it is important to be flexible. Arthur Becker is someone who is very flexible when it comes to business. He also has a lot of words of wisdom for people that are willing to listen to him. One thing that he can say for sure is that being able to listen to people is one of the secrets to success in the market. When one is able to get a feel of the market, he is able to adjust in ways that is needed to succeed.


Arthur Becker has a lot of experience as an entrepreneur in the fields of info tech, bio tech and real estate. Therefore, he has seen the types of changes that occur in these industries. As a result, he knows how to adapt to these changes and has enough information that can help his peers and other people learn how to adapt as well. He also understands the key to success in these markets. For this reason he experiences success in the fields that he works in.


One of the factors that he names as important for the success of the business is talent. One has to have a special ability to do the type of job that is required for success. For one thing, people are wired differently. Arthur Becker believes that the best way to succeed is to hire the talent and then give them the vision that he has and then step out of the way. One of the most important things to do is to share the vision with the employees so that they will understand what the objective is. They will also be willing to work with the business owner.