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Equities First Holdings Grow in Popularity Among Borrowers

Equities First Holdings, LLC is also known as EFH. It is an international lender and a leader in alternative shareholder financing services. The company has been experiencing more traction in stock-based and margin loans in an economic era where banks and lending institutions have made the lending criteria tight. This is according to an article published by Marketwired in July 2016. Equities First Holdings is gaining popularity as another form of lending for borrowers who require coming up with fast capital and those who are not candidates for the traditional credit-based loans. Many banks have recently cut down their lending options, increased interest rates, and tightened loan qualifications despite the fact that there are other available options for such borrowers.

Al Christy Jr. is the CEO and founder of EFH. Christy says that loans that are collateralized by stocks are an innovative borrowing option for people who are looking for working capital. He adds that stock-based loans usually have a loan-to-value ratio that is higher compared to margin loans. They also offer an interest rate that is fixed and provides certainty through the transaction life. Christy stated that stock-based loans frequently offer a hedge since the borrower is minimizing their investment risk in the downside market. He continues to say that majority of stock-based loans comprise of a non-recourse element that enables a borrower to leave a stock loan at any time.

EFH was established in 2002. It offers alternative financing solutions and supplies capital against stocks that are publicly traded to allow their customers to meet their professional and personal goals. The company has managed to complete more than 650 transactions. It is estimated to be worth $1.4 billion. Equities First Holdings is an international company. It has offices in nine countries. The company has employed top professionals who have experience and expertise in their field of work. They offer customized services to their clients and contact it.

Arthur Becker Does Not Have a Set Formula

One of the most important aspects of success is to know that there is no magic bullet or set formula. The market is always changing and could change significantly in one day. Therefore, it is important to be flexible. Arthur Becker is someone who is very flexible when it comes to business. He also has a lot of words of wisdom for people that are willing to listen to him. One thing that he can say for sure is that being able to listen to people is one of the secrets to success in the market. When one is able to get a feel of the market, he is able to adjust in ways that is needed to succeed.


Arthur Becker has a lot of experience as an entrepreneur in the fields of info tech, bio tech and real estate. Therefore, he has seen the types of changes that occur in these industries. As a result, he knows how to adapt to these changes and has enough information that can help his peers and other people learn how to adapt as well. He also understands the key to success in these markets. For this reason he experiences success in the fields that he works in.


One of the factors that he names as important for the success of the business is talent. One has to have a special ability to do the type of job that is required for success. For one thing, people are wired differently. Arthur Becker believes that the best way to succeed is to hire the talent and then give them the vision that he has and then step out of the way. One of the most important things to do is to share the vision with the employees so that they will understand what the objective is. They will also be willing to work with the business owner.

The life of Arthur Becker

If you want to succeed at a high level, you need to learn how to invest for the future. A lot of people today need help in this area. Not only that, but Arthur Becker is the type of person who is willing to help others succeed in a variety of areas. If you are starting to think about investing in real estate, you need to have a plan in place before you begin. A lot of people today need help with financing before they get started. However, you also need to think about the financial obligation that this borrowing decision brings over time. If you are ready to start investing for the future, now is a great time to do that in real estate.


Arthur Becker


From the time he was young, Arthur Becker has always wanted to improve his financial position through investing. There are a lot of people who look up to the hard work and the success that he has had in a short period of time. With all of that being said, he has had to work through a lot of struggles during his time in business. A lot of people look up to the success that he has had at a high level. If you are ready to start investing for the future, now is a great time to do that. Arthur Becker can teach you what you need to know before you start that journey.


Final Thoughts


Overall, Arthur Becker has lived a great life and has helped many people learn about investing at a high level. Not only that, but he truly cares about the people who he is interacting with. There are a lot of people today who are excited about the changes that are coming to the industry. Lending is getting more lenient, and many investors see this as the perfect opportunity to start investing in various areas of the industry. If you want to get started, make sure you learn from someone who has had success over the years. Arthur Becker is the perfect option for that.

How To Handle Dating With Whitney Wolfe’s Dating App

With Bumble, more people have a chance in getting dates. However, this is not the biggest solution to their problems. After all, many people think that getting a date is going to solve all of their problems and make them happy. However, there are easier ways for people to take care of their personal issues so that they will be able to enjoy their dating experience. Whitney Wolfe herself has gone through a lot of dating so she knows what a good date is as well as what a bad date is. Therefore, it is important for both men and women to know how to conduct themselves on a date.

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One thing that one does not want to do on a date is to dwell on their insecurities. At the same time, it is not good to try and hide it because it comes out one way or another. One way to go about it is acknowledge it. At the same time, it is good to be proactive about solutions when it comes to one’s own issues. When one thinks about solutions, it brings him hope and gives him motivation to move forward with his goals in dating and other aspects of life.

‘I think that early on a lot of people thought women making the first move was a gimmick and that we were just some cute girly dating app,’ she reflects. ‘But we’re serious about putting women in the driver’s seat and chipping away at societal expectations.’

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One thing women look for in a man is someone who is proactive and good at problem solving. A man who has his insecurities control is going to go very far. While it does help to look good, good looks are only going to get one in the door. Whitney Wolfe helps open the door with Bumble. Therefore, it is important for both men and women get their life under control before they try dating. When they date, one of the last things their partners want to hear about is their sense of inferiority. Therefore, they have to get it under control so that they will live positively.

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The Human Rights Campaigns of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen presently serves as the president of the Human Right Foundation, which is headquartered in New York. The foundation was created in 2005 and has been under his leadership ever since. It serves as a non-profit making institution and has assisted in changing the lives of many people across the world. Mr. Halvorssen is an individual who has a mixed heritage since he was born to a Norwegian mother and a Venezuelan father. His father was born during the Second World War. Thor is said to be a major participant in the diversion of the Norway ships to a Venezuelan Port during a time when Germany attacked the nation. His mother was a relative of Cristobal Mendoza who was Venezuela’s first president.

Mr. Halvorssen has fulfilled his responsibility as the chair of the Human Rights Foundation by assisting in exposing various corrupt governments. The organization has also been spearheading various campaigns to release political prisoners across the globe. Thor is a successful lawyer and has practiced for about 13 years. One of his early missions included assisting the black people who were affected by the apartheid rule. His father and cousin were victims of political imprisonment.

The activities of the Human Rights Foundation have primarily targeted nations that have a record of violating human rights. They facilitate democracy and campaign against military governments that are oppressive. Some of the rights that the foundation advocates for include freedom of personal expression and speech. It also fights for freedom of worship. Thor established the Human Rights Foundation to serve as a nonprofit charity with a primary aim of campaigning against various governments that oppressed their citizens. He understands the significant impact of human rights activists and bodies since he believes that his father could have died as a political prisoner were it not for their intervention.

Thor Halvorssen has also had a successful career in the film industry. He uses his films in influencing the world by directing it to be harmonious. Halvorssen understands that entertainment has a significant impact on people’s behaviors. He has also involved some of the celebrities in the sector in the human rights campaigns.

Sam Boraie’s role in developing Newark

Sam Boraie, a renowned developer, has saved Newark from the ravages of urban sprawl. Considering that the insecurity has forced many people to leave some parts of the city, the vacant lots have continued to exacerbate the problem. Considering that urban sprawl has increasingly become a problem in Newark, including some recreational features for the community was vital. Sam Boraie initiated the development of an ultramodern movie theater that will revitalize this part of the town. Such real estate development strategies have made Boraie development one of the most sought-after real estate developers in the world. Sam Boraie is a renowned philanthropist and realtor who has excelled in his niche.

Sam Boraie has taken a proactive approach to solve the problem by introducing a couple of infill projects to bridge the gap. According to PR News, in Newark, Sam Boraie collaborated with Shaquille O’Neal to develop a magnificent high-rise building. With massive retail and residential space, the project will cost more than $70 million dollars. Newark offers plenty of lucrative opportunities for investors who want to get maximum value for money. The architectural design concepts will guarantee that the property values will continue to rise. Sam Boraie understands that developing a commercial project in a residential zone can lower the property values. In retrospect, building a residential project in a commercial zone can also inhibit the growth of the city. Sam Boraie advocates for the mixed-use real estate projects that provide ample rental units, affordable homes for sale, shopping facilities, and recreational spaces.

By developing a quiet a residential project that suits the needs of the community, while reducing congestion and sprawl, Boraie Developments have done it again. This project provides an array of residential, commercial, and recreational facilities to the public. Besides developing the properties for sale, Boraie Development also deals with property management. In a report by Bloomberg, by hiring a couple of experienced property managers, Boraie ensures that these homeowners enjoy the comfort without having to worry about the routine maintenance operations.

Professional management strategies are instrumental when it comes to meeting the needs of the rental investors who do not have the time or expertise to manage or carry out the repairs and renovations of their homes. In addition, undertaking such operations on behalf of the renters can help to prevent the structural problems that might result from the poor renovation practices.

Boraie development vets the contractors before identifying the competent practitioners for the job. Sam Boraie ( has a special real estate sales team that addresses the needs of the prospective homebuyers. Instead of getting information online, or from the real estate listings, consulting the sales team can help a prospective buyer to find a property that suits the budget and preferences. In addition, booking a property early can help a buyer to save thousands of dollars. Sam Boraie has established several structures that help to make the transactions as smooth as possible. Besides getting as much information as possible from the brochures, a buyer will choose from the vast array of available financing options.


Whitney Wolfe Creates All-In-One Bumble App

Whitney Wolfe is proving that the dating app industry does not have to be all the same. She has done her research, and she has found that there is something that women desire in the dating world. She recognized the void and created the Bumble app to put women in charge.

People may look at this as a small tweak to the dating app industry, but Whitney Wolfe knows that this is a major thing. She has been well aware of all that happens in the male-dominated dating app industry. She knows far too well because she is the co-founder of Tinder. She knows how dating apps work, and she want to create a different platform where women would be able to make the first move. She has proven to be very successful with this because millions of people have signed up.

Some singles may have just assumed that this was just a novelty, but Whitney Wolfe knew that she had more than just overnight appeal. She is using Bumble to build a platform that will combine different aspects of social media. Whitney Wolfe sees the overarching theme of social media, and she knows that Bumble can become more than just a dating app.

There are some people that would rather just become friends first before they consider a relationship. That is whyI Whitney Wolfe also created an aspect of the Bumble app that caters to those that are simply looking for friends. It is evident that Whitney Wolfe is looking for a better way for singles to meet. She has shown people that there is a new method for finding other singles.

So much of what people do today is based largely on social media. Whitney Wolfe is trying to make Bumble the all-in-one resource for social media needs.

Find more at owner shows off healthy diet on Steve Harvey Show


There are so many different types of foods to try that sometimes we get lost in the amount of calories consumed in one day. Some of the foods that have popular tastes such as candy, flavored chips, cookies, ice cream, burgers and fried chicken are very tempting but also not very healthy (if it was not already obvious).

With all the advanced in science and technology the world has seen how all of these different foods (both healthy and unhealthy) affect the human body. There are efforts being made to lower portion sizes at some restaurants and also make more healthy food options available at grocery stores.


A.D. Dolphin, CEO of Dherbs Inc, went on the Steve Harvey show to educate the audience on cleansing and eating less processed foods. Mr. Dolphin showed the audience how much better their health will be if they choose to eat better raw food diets. The diet recipes are really easy to make.  Read most about the CEO’s appearance on


Using the full cleanse diet plan helped Harvey lose 12 pounds. He had tried it before but the coaching from Dolphin really helped this time. All of the meals made within this plan include resh fruits, fresh vegetables, raw nuts, and seeds. These raw ingredients may not sound appealing by themselves but they can be turned into some popular dishes like tacos, smoothies and pasta. This is the first step to that new healthy lifestyle you have been waiting for. Check out the Steve Harvey show for more information.


The company specializes in offering 20-day full-body cleanse plans that are guaranteed to lead to a healthier lifestyle. Millions of people around the world have been using the companies diet plans and have found them successful in one way or another. The ultimate goal is to lose some weight at the end of the trial. Learn more about Dherbs by visiting all of their social media pages. Also check out their website:

George Soros Spearheading a Resistance against Trump, Take Back Power

George Soros is banding with other affluent liberals that utilized tens of millions of US dollars to support Clinton’s presidential bid to fight back against Trump. Soros and his rich liberal friends were said to have a three-day, closed-door meeting in Washington with the agenda of retooling whatever funds left to fight back against President Donald Trump. The conference was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which is a pricey Washington hotel, on Sunday was sponsored by an influential donor club, Democracy Alliance.

The Soros-led meeting was expected to include appearances by the leaders of the most vocal and leading liberal and union groups. In addition, according to POLITICO, Keith Ellison, the co-chairperson of Congressional Progressive Caucus and Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader, as well as Senator Elizabeth Warren, would also make appearances in the conference on The gathering is the fits major meeting of the institutional left since Donald Trump received a shocking victory over Hilary Clinton in the last Presidential elections. Observably, if the agenda serves as a reliable indication, liberals are planning a full-on trench warfare against the president from the first day.

Interestingly, some sessions on Investopedia embark on gearing up for the 2017 and 2018 elections, while others majorly focus on frustrating the 100-day plan of President Trump. The agenda refers Trump’s 100-day plan as a “terrifying assault on the achievements of President Barrack Obama.” In addition, the liberals view Trump’s perception, and undertaking of things as a terrorizing assail on the nation’s progressive vision for a just and equitable society. However, the meeting seemingly comes when a majority of liberals is reevaluating their political approach as well as the role of DA, or Democracy Alliance as it is known among the Democratic finance circles.

The Democracy Alliance, its beneficiary groups as well as its donors have, for over the last decade played a significant role in shaping and steering the institutions on the left. This is by addition the orientation of some of its critical organizations around Clinton, and by passing their approach and strategy around the idea that women and minorities constitute the so-called “rising American electorate,” which could favorably tip Democrats elections. However, this is in contrast to what was witnessed in the last presidential elections where Donald Trump won primarily leveraging the support of the working-class whites on

In addition, there was an indication by exit polls, which suggested that issues such as the role of money in politics and fighting climate change, which have been used by the beneficiaries of the Democracy Alliance to try to turn voters out in large numbers, did not resonate well with the electorate supporting Donald Trump. George Soros launched the Democracy Alliance after the 2004 polls. Currently, the groups have more than one hundred affluent members and include finance titans and moguls such as George Soros, Donald Sussman, Tom Steyer as well as major liberal foundations and labor unions. The organization requires its members to make a total of at least $200,000 in yearly contributions to recommended groups. As a way of funding the meeting and staff of the Democracy Alliance, members are also required to remit $30,000 in annual dues.

Securus Technologies Is a Great Option For Communicating With a Loved One In Jail

Securus Technologies is an innovative program that has been providing inmates and their family members and/or friends to take advantage of an opportunity of communicating with one another through methods of video conferencing without actual visitation sessions at the correctional facility. This is made possible by select correctional facilities allowing the utilization of the innovative program that is made by Securus Technologies. It is a great way for individuals to keep in touch with one another regardless of the circumstances.


Many people who have been in jail or their friends and/or family members who went to go visit may be familiar with the processes that are entailed with setting up a visitation appointment. It can be difficult to set up an appointment at a time that is most convenient for the visitor as jails are often quite busy. Due to the busy times of jails, the jail facilities are usually the ones who will be providing the visitor(s) with a time to visit the inmate. However, it is also important to note that the visitor(s) may not be able to visit during the hours that are provided for them to make their visit. Due to such circumstances, some find it difficult to keep in touch when one is jailed. Securus Technologies has made communicating with those who are in jail much easier than it would have been had the program not been available for usage.


BBB is an accreditation organization that approves businesses in pertinence to whether or not they are viable options of conducting business with. Securus Technologies has received that approval and has become well reputed as being an optimal provider of the services that they are providing for communities to use for their needs of communications. Sign up for an account to begin your communications today!