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OSI Group: The Beginning of Everything

OSI Group did not have much of a global presence as it started earlier when it was still in its grassroots. The multinational company, as well as a food provider, had a humble beginning of a father looking to settle down and provide for his family after immigrating to the United States. Currently, the company has over twenty thousand employees working under its umbrella and has over sixty-five facilities spread over twenty countries. OSI Group and the history of the American economy especially in the twentieth century are connected by the hip. It gives a detailed account of how the small butcher shop made its entry into the major corporate league and how the country’s economy evolved from a home-based market to a globalized economy.

OSI started journey at a time when many were immigrating into the United States looking to achieve and live the American dream. It was at a crucial time during the twentieth century that a German immigrant by the name Otto kolschowsky came to settle in Chicago among the community that was in Illinois. He and his family made up the quarter population that was of German descent that resided in the city. The positioning of his settlement helped him as the town was a hub of industrial activity as well as a gateway for other immigrants as well.

As the others moved on to establish plantations as well as farms in the plains, Otto decided to stay in the city and set a butcher as it was the expert leadership skill that he had come with from his native country.OSI Group started to take shape at the commencement of the economic expansion that was as a result of the postwar strategy to make America great again. It was at this time that a great business alliance was formed that was to change the fate of the family as well as of their business. Ray Kroc opened his first restaurant in the same area of Illinois in 1955. An agreement sealed with a handshake saw Otto, and his sons Harry, as well as Arthur, be the first suppliers to the expanding franchise.

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