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Marc Spark And Spark Tank Initiative Are Here For Business Not As Usual

Marc Sparks is not one of those people whom you’d describe using a single sentence, and when describing him, then you will have to touch on many other businesses and companies where he was associated. He is one of the few American venture capitalists, entrepreneur, businessperson and recently an author.

Sparks live in Texas, where he heads Timber Creek Capital and still maintaining several other portfolio companies. Just like other successful entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks has led various businesses to success, while at the same time having his share of challenges while running others. He is a strict follower of the gospel and believes that it is through the grace of God that he is what he is now.

Over the past, he has been in the real estate, capital investment and the telecommunication industry such as Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, and Cardinal telecom. During his 15 years in Timber Creek Capital, he has seen it offer a wide array of services including legal, sales and marketing, accounting, web development, graphic design, and other entrepreneurial services. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Talking about a Jack of all trades and a master of ‘all’ Sparks is also involved in Reliant Healthcare, Global Tech, Agency Matrix, Cobalt Real Estate Services, among others. It is through the ups and downs of running all these businesses over the years that he has gained enough experience that he recently decided to jot down his book entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ It talks more about his expertise in the business world and highlighting the challenges that he has come across as well as the good times he has had. Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

He further proves that in a world where academic excellence is interpreted as excelling in life, anyone through hard work and determination can also make it. Important to know that he was only a mere C student without a formal college education.

Park is also a renowned philanthropic in Texas, perhaps one of the reasons why he started the Spark Tank Initiative, which financially helps entrepreneurs whose ideas would end up in the financial institution’s dust bins, as unprofitable. However, the applicants are given a platform to present their ideas and compete to see whose outdoes the rest, and the winner is then funded with a $5000 check to kick-start their project. Spark Tank initiative is a collaboration project spearheaded by Marc Spark and Lynne Sipiora, who came together about one and a half decade ago.

First, your organization should be in existence for about two years, and be a 501c3 of the same period. Religious groups, political and national action organizations are also barred from participating. Sure as it is, the initiative is here to bring hope and change to how things are done.

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  1. Marc Sparks have majored in various sectors, but it is thought that perhaps he is doing better in the telecommunication industry. There are set criteria for any aspiring organization to participate in the competition. The truth is that thesis best is they way that everything is going to work very well.

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