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Marc Beer Strives to Transform the Lives of Many Women

Career Experiences

Marc Beer is known all over the world for significant contributions towards the biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and device industries. He has ventured in other pharmaceutical-related businesses gaining tremendous experiences. Marc Beer is the former CEO to a known pharmaceutical company Aegerion where he worked for almost five years. He also served at the OvaScience company (Nasdaq: OVAS) as the strategic consultant. While working at OvaScience, he made many resolutions that impacted positively to the company. Marc Beer is determined to improve the health services in various organizations. He has received multiple recognitions all over the world as a leader and even as an entrepreneur. Marc Beer primary focus lies on the women health status he strives to make it more comfortable. Learn more:


Marc Beer Philanthropic Activities in Boston

A large group of women all over the world are affected by pelvic floor disorders that make their lives difficult and uncomfortable. Most of them are not courageous enough to see medical help as they are afraid of what other people will say. Marc Beer has provided a remedy by establishing a Renovia health center in Boston where he serves as the CEO. He contributed about $32 million to series B round and approximately $10 million in venture debt. This health center is focused on carrying out research and coming up with the necessary solutions for various disorders affecting the women such as the Urinary incontinence. They have hired a group of experts with tons of experiences to develop diagnostic and therapeutic products as treatment.


Boston-based Medtech company uses advanced technologies to research to benefit more than 250 million women all over the world. Marc Beer has provided his health center with proprietary sensor technologies and a digital health platform. This contribution has enabled many patients to access significant information about new treatment methods as well as the understanding of the signs and symptoms of pelvic disorders.


Up to date, Renovia medical center has established various solutions including the Leva device that has transformed the lives of many women with disorders. FDA approves the company’s products before being administered to the patients.


Besides the modern technology and contribution from Marc Beer, Renovia has partnered with Long Wood Fund. Long Wood invested money to Renovia to fund their research program that aims at developing four more therapeutic and diagnostic products. Both Long Wood and Renovia have common objectives and vision which is to create a better lifestyle for the patients all over the world. They aim at providing relatively cheap products and services as well as high-qualified products as compared to other health-based centers.


Many clients have given positive feedback on how the Renovia`s diagnostic and therapeutic products have enabled them to manage their pelvic disorders. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


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