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Lovaganza is a grand extravaganza which seeks a quality life for all

Lovaganza is an entertainment brand on the humanitarian mission to create entertainment that inspires humanity towards a new world and on a journey to discover and embrace each culture. It is a global event built upon the ideas of a future filled with unity, peace and abundance for all.

Lovaganza celebrates the uniqueness of all nations by showcasing their cultures, music and dance; and it does so, in part, through a series of films. The production of these are on such a large scale, that it requires traveling the world in order to realize their essence. From Warner Brothers Studios in Hollywood California, to Barcelona, to Tahiti, they have visited major destinations.

The Lovaganza brand also has a foundation with the mandate to bring a universal quality of life for all of humanity, more specifically, for every child on earth by 2035. It is a non-profit organization fueled by the profitable projects of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. These have a global impact and generate funds to finance the foundation, its programs, campaigns and research.

They are looking to achieve their first milestone: Universal Quality of life for every child on Earth between the ages of 0 to 15 years old by 2035, by identifying and proposing common goals with the help of kindred Foundations and Organizations with similar objectives. The initial six goals are access to: Clean drinking water for all children; sufficient food; a place to sleep and clothing; basic health care, including vaccines; basic education; and safety, removing children completely from the war equation, child labor and marriage. Lovaganza Centers around the world will study and research the situation of children in all countries, during upcoming years.

In 2016, the foundation will begin research in various countries on the quality of life of children. The results, observation and solutions will be showcased with a series of documentaries. By 2018, it hopes to have joined forces with major organizations that will make The Lovaganza Foundation’s first milestone, theirs as well. Two years after that, they hope to have all nations committed to, and working towards the milestone. By 2022, the commitments and goals to be achieved by each country will be monitored by foundation centers.

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