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Jeremy Goldstein: Talking with Accountants is Important

Too often, companies make major decisions based on irrational judgment calls because something minor happened. This is a side effect of living in such a fast-paced society; everyone feels like they have to make quick decisions when they should sit and talk things out.

When it comes to anything business related, companies need to stop and talk with their lawyer or accountant, perhaps both. Usually, most situations require a decision with their lawyer, but there are times when their accountant is preferable and knowledgeable. Things like employee benefits are more in the specialty of accountants.

If a company is having a hard time deciding which compensation method to go with, their accountant should look over everything and help them decide what’s best at that time. Making a decision one day doesn’t mean it can’t be undone or updated. Companies need to learn how to accept mistakes and move on if something goes wrong.

Over the last few years, too many major corporations have grown scared about getting something wrong, which has led many of them to eliminate stock options as an employee benefit. Their fear has made it to their employees and employees don’t want stock options anymore.

This is a bad trend that people like Jeremy Goldstein, Jeremy Goldstein, in particular, believe is not good for the corporate world. Corporations are so scared; they’ve forgotten the advantages of stock options. If corporations aren’t too scared; their employees are too scared to want stock options.

Jeremy Goldstein believes things would be easier if people remembered that there is more than one type of stock options. Not every stock option works the same or has the same disadvantages. Depending on what companies want from their compensation method, a “knockout” stock option may be a perfect fit.

Before talking to their accountants, companies should hear what Jeremy Goldstein has to say. He’s New York’s go-to business lawyer for many reasons; his expertise being the main reason. Jeremy Goldstein established his own law firm after working at a similar prestigious law firm, where he was a partner. Learn more:

Since establishing Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, Jeremy Goldstein has worked with hundreds of high-profile CEOs and corporations as well as dozens of compensation committees and management teams.

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