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Jason Hope gives to Anti-Aging Research and Development to Improve Life for Everyone

Jason Hope is a technology guru that understands the value of science. He realizes that that modern technology is so advance and effective that mankind can now experience some amazing benefits. Many of these benefits were not even available 50 years ago. One of the best uses of modern technology is its ability to improve a person’s health and to extend their life. Anti-aging research is a great way for people to stay younger for a longer time.

Jason Hope provides monetary funds to the SENS Research Foundation, so they can continue to develop anti-aging medicines to improve the quality of life. Their research in cellular rejuvenation and biotechnology is instrumental to this research. SENS understands that the pathway to reducing anti-aging has to do with these two processes.

Hope realizes that people can live a higher quality of life for a longer period of time with this science. He foresees a future where people are working longer, enjoying physical activities well into their 60s and living to be way past their 100s. This could be the norm if science is able to produce these types of results.

SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. This organization has been around since 2009 and they have made some significant discoveries with anti-aging development. Jason Hope realizes that their progress can make a difference in the future. This is one of the reasons why he supports this group. He believes enough in their research that he is willing to back up this belief with his money. To date, Hope has donated millions to this organization.

Anti-aging research is truly an important science that is going to impact the future. Jason Hope realizes that the field of medicine is heading in this direction. If researchers can reduce the aging process they certainly can help to eliminate the physical condition and diseases that accompanies this stage of life. Jason has a lot of hope that anti-aging research can improve the life of everyone well into the future.

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