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How Sheldon Lavin’s unique leadership techniques have helped sail OSI group’s boat to calmer waters

Despite having been in operation for more than seven decades, OSI Group, formerly known as Otto & Sons company had little to show for it by the time Sheldon took over its leadership. The meat processing company was facing stiff competition from newcomers that beat the company to such prestigious deals as supplying fresh meat to the McDonald’s United States division.

But Sheldon Lavin, the then chief financial officer at the company and former banker had a vision for this company. He thoroughly analyzed the company’s overall performance and pinpointed the factors constantly forcing it to its knees, and sought to bring out the giant in the age-old and well-known food processor.

Innovation, technology, and finance

At the time, Sheldon Lavin came to the conclusion that the biggest challenge facing the company was inadequate funds to fund operations. Lack of funds had the company operating below capacity using obsolete technology, explaining why newer and even smaller companies gave it a run for the money. To address this, Sheldon turned used his connections in the financial sector to gain the company necessary funds needed to expand its operations.

Most importantly, the finance expert got the funds necessary to initiate necessary to see the company embrace new technology within the processing facilities. This would mean faster production time with lower overheads that would in effect result to more revenue and possible expansion. His capital injections and other contributions to the company aw Sheldon Lavin gain a controlling share in the company. He, therefore, partnered with Otto’s sons and effectively renamed the food processor OSI Group.

Capitalizing on existing goodwill

He also noticed that the meat processors far exceeded their production capacities. Sheldon Lavin knew that the company could easily capitalize on its existing goodwill of unquestionable business ethics to expand the meat production and distribution services and eventually dominate the global food processing market. However, building new facilities from the ground up wasn’t just time-consuming but also required a lot of capital before these companies could break even.

To this end, Sheldon Lavin resulted in acquisitions as an expansionary strategy. Since taking over control of the company, as the Chief Operating Officer for the food processor and chairman to its board, Sheldon has turned OSI Group’s attention from building to acquiring. This helped the company establish a presence in the European and South American markets.

These strategies have proven so effective since the company now ranks among the leading food processing and distribution companies in the world. The adherence to quality production protocols has also seen Sheldon’s company scope numerous awards and recognition.

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