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How Richard Dwayne Blair Creates Customized Investment Strategies

Richard Dwyane Blair is a long time investor who now works as an investment advisor at Wealth Solutions. As an investment advisor, Richard Dwayne Blair is responsible for helping clients make sound investment decisions and also plan their financial future. He has combined his love for education and his knowledge of finances and now regularly teaches people how to make good investments and what kind of investments are more convenient for them. Normally, many people are not particularly educated in what constitutes as a good investment. Since Richard Dwyane Blair has a had a long and successful career as an investor, it would only make sense that he hare his knowledge with the rest of the world.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a three-step approach to financial advising, and he never hesitates to share it with anyone who shows interest. He states that the first step, or pillar, to good investment advice, is to sit down with the client and create a map of their finances. This includes how much money they’re willing to risk, what amount of capital they’re starting off with, how much they would want to make in the future, and also their goals as an investor. This allows Blair to really understand the client’s wants and needs and also creates a strong relationship between him and the client, which is very important to Blair.

The second step is to take all the information from step one and create a unique and tailor-made investment strategy and financial plan. Going through the first step ensures that this investment strategy is unique to the client’s goals and the types of investments the client plans on making. Because the strategy is so unique to the person, it has a higher chance of succeeding.

The third and last step is to put the plan into action. Once the strategy is finalized, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Blair will then monitor the client’s investments and adjust the strategy when needed. The goal is always for the client to make money, so Blair will offer his expertise on sound investments to the client from that point on as well.

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