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How Dr. David Samadi Is Using Robotics To Improve Healthcare

When most people think of robots they likely think of the kinds of androids that tend to populate science fiction films. Robots are often thought of as metal creations that resemble humans in form and that will be able to do things human beings never could in a far away future. We often think of robots as things that will be commonplace in the future and we don’t think about the roles that they actually play in our everyday lives. For example we depend on robots to help us streamline our manufacturing processes and we also depend on robots to help heal us. While the robots that exist in present day might not look as exciting as the ones you would find in a Star Wars film they still play a critical role in our society nonetheless.

One medical professional who is harnessing the power of robotics to enhance his practice of medicine is a doctor that is known as Doctor David Samadi. Dr. David Samadi is currently the chairman of Urology and the chief of robotic surgery at a hospital that is known as Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Dr. David Samadi is proving that robotics can play an important role in the field of medicine when they are used to enhance the skills and the knowledge that a doctor already has.Dr. David Samadi’s practice area as a doctor is very specific. He is a surgeon who specializes in pancreatic cancer surgery. His services as a surgeon have been a critical part of helping many male patients who have suffered from pancreatic cancer to achieve optimal health.

Dr. David Samadi’s medical practice is proving that robotics are an important part of treating pancreatic cancer patients who have opted for surgery. Dr. David Samadi has created a new approach to using robotics in ways that allow more precise activity when operating on patients who are suffering from pancreatic cancer.The procedure that Dr. David Samadi has developed has enabled him to be able to have a better view as he operates and also to be able to perform more precise movements that would not otherwise be possible. While the robotics that Dr. David Samadi is employing as a surgeon might not be able to do the sorts of things that a robot can do in a George Lucas film, Dr. Samadi’s robotic tools are able to help patients who are fighting pancreatic cancer to live with dignity as a result of the medical advancements that he has made.

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