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Greg Secker, the famous English Businessman

Greg Secker is a businessman who was born in England in the year 1975. He was able to study Bachelor of Science, European studies with Agricultural and Food Science at The University of Nottingham. He is a master trader, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an international speaker. His role as a father passes as the most important role in his life. His greatest achievements include coming up with a group called the Knowledge to Action. The Knowledge to Action group founded by Greg Secker is mainly made up of different companies which include; Learn to Trade, Capital Index, Greg Secker Foundation and The Smart Chart Software. The purpose of these organizations was to teach and equip people with different skills that will help them to excel in trading activities so that they can be able to improve their lives.

In addition to his achievements, Greg Secker received an award for innovation in the e-commerce in the year 1998 and became the vice president of the famous Mellon Financial Corporation before he retired in 2003 to start his own Forex trading business. With the use of trading seminars, he was able to mentor different people on various trading strategies and founded the now famous Knowledge to Action Group.

Greg Secker’s background originates from humble roots. Before he decided to move to foreign exchange to start a new business that he called Virtual Trading Desk, he had worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services. The new business idea that he had come up with was the first to offer online Forex trading systems that acted in real-time. These trading programs provide people with opportunities which help in raising their living standards at a low-risk.

Secker runs different trading activities for many private investors at the Traders University which uses a series of mastering trading seminars where people get to learn how to and select various undervalued stocks that may appreciate in value with time, how to realize profits and reduce or eliminate any possible risks. The trading seminars that are organized by Greg Secker are free for all to attend. Secker’s trading company has blazed different paths for different individuals who have been able to walk easily towards financial freedom.


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