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Fundamental Truths Concerning Citizens United

In 2010, the Supreme Court made a ruling that has since affected the justice system. We know that the landscape of the American elections has taken on a terrible lane. It became much worse when the lawful system went ahead to establish a legal foundation for the idea that “corporations are people.” The directive opened a pathway for the wealthy Americans to bankroll the elections. The aim of such corporations is to tip the equilibrium of political influence in their favor.


Efforts by End Citizens United to Restore Sanity in America’s Elections


The governmental feat agency was established in 2015 with the aim of eradicating Citizens United. Grassroots donors are the primary source of funds for the committee. The crew has reviewed the adverse effects spewed by Citizens United. They have made efforts to restructure the political finance system, which is the reason there is increased corruption. They have joined hands as an agency to fight against the individuals purporting to have the power to buy elections. Among the many measures they have in place includes pressuring the policy-makers to hearken to the cry of the just.


Ways Through Which the Action Committee Intends to Set Up an Expenditure Arm


I understand that they are pushing for reforms locally and at the state level. They, therefore, require quite a huge budget. To make it efficient, they intend to get individuals who are like-minded and elect them to push for change. Those people will be added to the lot that had been attacked by the Koch brothers and other black-money crews. The group will then establish an autonomous expenses arm that will provide a back-up for the candidates. They will take on to the television through adverts, direct mailing as well as polling.


End Citizens United’ Public Awareness Measures


Hasen acknowledges that such active groups as End Citizens United serve a great purpose in the political system. They do not allow room for laxity of the judicial system. Their influence has prevented the decision made in 2010 from making the elections system worse. In their efforts, they have also endorsed veterans in their campaigns. Wisconsin’ Sen. Russ Feingold and Colorado’s Sen. Michael Bennet are among the Republican candidates endorsed by the action committee. It is an uphill task for the candidates as well as the entire board. However, for the good of America, they have chosen that daunting path.




Despite being a high bar, I believe that it is achievable. The grassroots support will take them a long way in establishing their goals. Every American should make a point of joining the champions of finance for corporate efforts. Meanwhile, strategizing and fundraising activities continue. It is time to pull out all the rogue corporates polluting America’s elections.


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