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Eric Pulier Has Created The Government Enterprise System Of Today

Eric Pulier is one of the most-innovative men in the world, and his innovations have been used time and again to help improve efficiency at the government level. Government agencies have used Eric’s systems for quite some time, and this article explains how the enterprise system culture has changed the world.

#1: Eric’s Enterprise Systems Connect Everything

The cell phones, tablets and computers in a government office have been connected by systems created by Eric, and he has expanded his systems since the days of the Clinton Administration. He was a member of the Y2K transition team, and his creations were used to prevent the world’s computers from shutting down when everything turned to the year 2000. He helps the government complete more work in a day with his computer systems, and he releases updates often.

#2: Eric Is An Entrepreneurial Guru

Eric is a guru who prefers to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. His assists nonprofits who offer information to new entrepreneurs, and he has chosen quite a few people to assist with his creative mind.

#3: He Has Assisted The Disabled

Eric Pulier start his first foundations out of college where he created technology for students and adults with disabilities. He introduced his work to schools where students were not performing well, and he offered information to adults who required technology for their disabilities once school was complete. Eric’s commitment to people has been long-lasting, and he continues to ask where technology may be used to help the average American.

#4: The X Prize Committee

Eric’s final post is the X Prize committee where he is tapped to assess submissions to the committee. He uses his considerable skill to choose winners in several categories, and he will ensure every winner has been given a thorough assessment of their work.

Eric Pulier has made a name for himself in enterprise technology. He uses his influence in the technology community to help others wherever he can.

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