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Equities First Holdings in Australia- Supporting green technologies research

Equities First Holdings is a provider of alternative lending services. The company is giving out shareholding loans to those who are interested in these types of loans. The loans are affordable and easy to repay. Equities First Holdings has a subsidiary in Australia which is serving the financing needs of businesses in the region. The company recently entered into an agreement with an Australian accompany which is doing development projects in India. The company known as Environmental Clean Technologies Limited will be financed by EFH to complete its work. ECT is a publicly traded company in Australia stock market.

The company deals with the engineering of new technologies that are environmentally clean. Equities First Holdings gave the company funding of $30 million to complete its research and development work in India.Equities First Holdings is happy to collaborate with companies such as ECT which are working on projects which will be of great benefit to the people. EFH is happy to support ECT financially so that it can complete its research work of coming up with energy-efficient technologies. In Australia, Equities First Holdings is operating some offices. The offices are in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. The main branch is in Melbourne.

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