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End Citizens United Endorses Conor Lamb

In 2010 the Supreme Court issued a decision that would forever change the nature of campaign finance in the United States of America. This decision is known as Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commision. As a result of the decision that was made by the Supreme Court the regulations that limited the amount of money that could be spent on political campaigns by ultra wealthy individuals were eliminated.

In 2015 End Citizens United was formed as part of an effort to organize political resistance to the corruption of the American democratic system by the wealthy elite of the country. As an organization End Citizens United is funded by grassroots funding methods. They have the goal of helping to elect individuals who will overturn the decision that was made by the Supreme Court in 2010 and and the influence of big money in politics.

End Citizens United has recently announced that they will be adding a member of the US House of Representatives to their list of individuals who have been bought and paid for by billionaires. This individual is Keith Rothfus. The list of individuals that is kept by End Citizens United is known as the Big Money 20 list.

The president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, has stated that this individual is one of the worst offenders when it comes to ignoring the American populace in favor of billionaire interests. As a result, they have decided that it is of the utmost important to have him thrown from office by helping to elect a pro-finance reform candidate. The candidate that they have chosen to run against him is Democrat Conor Lamb. The organization has already backed him whatever he was running for the 18th Congressional District. They donated $250,000 to finance an ad campaign for him during this campaign.

It is the belief of the organization that campaign-finance issues will be able to sway voters away from the Republican Party in order to vote for candidates who are going to push campaign-finance reform once they are in office.

Currently, as an organization, they have been able to raise over $30 million since they were first formed. They are also home to over 3 million members and have been one of the strongest grassroots political action committees to have ever been formed in the United States of America.

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