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Eli Gershkovitch and Candian Craft Brew

People in Canada are quite fone of their beer. That statement proved by over 9 billion in annual sales across the country. In 2016 alone the number of Canadian brewing facilities increased by 20 percent. Over half of the 775 facilities are located in either Ontario or Quebec. The rise in production has generated an increase in Canadian canned beer sales by 5.8 percent. Eli Gershkovitch Plays a major role in this being the CEO of Streamworks craft breweries. Starting in 1995, Streamworks Brew Pub opened in Gastown with 184 seats.

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Streamworks was innovative right off the bat with a one of a kind, steam-powered brewery (TheBroTalk). The only one at the time, Steam powered breweries had only been read about before. Even with this rare technique, used due to the heating situation inside the building, Streamworks beers still came out tasting crisp and fresh. The successful pub now seats 754 today.


Eli Gershkovitch is unlike most fortune 500 CEOs. Not only is he known for his role in the local brew scene, he also has a passion for classic cars and owns a collection most would envy. The entrepreneur/car collector, Gershkovitch also owns two aircraft and is known to pilot them as well. He developed a love for flying at a young age which progressed into his learning to fly himself.


Eli Gershkovitch not only plays hard but is known for his hard work and dedication throughout the years. The CEO has been able to withstand the competition of many new microbreweries every year. Although these new breweries posses many innovative ideas, Gershkovitch is known for his own ideas and seems to counter off any chip at his lead.

With his brewery operating at full capacity, business is booming with revenues up 50% according to Gershkovitch. Market has expanded and surpassed expectations. Becoming a worldwide supplier of craft beer, Gershkovitch’s Product sales range from Hong Kong to Germany, Austria, Italy and even Switzerland ( Not to mention the 14 different U.S. stated and many Canadian provinces the products are located in.


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