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Dr. Saad Saad Enhancing Technology in Medicine.

Dr. Saad Saad has established himself as a renown pediatric surgeon performing many successful operations in his career. There have been many improvements in the medical field. This is with the help of technology that has contributed to easing the means of operations and treatment of stubborn diseases. Dr. Saad Saad has been at the forefront of medical developments especially in surgical procedures and treatment of diseases.

Patients frequently undergo a lot of pain and risks during the procedure, and Dr. Saad Saad always challenged these procedures. The primary objective of the doctor was to find a better way to operate on a patient without necessarily making them suffer. This has come to work out as he was able to develop new inventions and procedures to help patients.

Dr. Saad Saad has over forty years of experience in the field working both inside and outside of the United States. He has been through various missions in the country and even in Jerusalem and Holy land where he has performed free medical services to needy patients. This is a way he is giving back to the community.

A medical catheter that implements the use of an electromagnetic technology for identification is one of the inventions that Dr. Saad Saad holds a patent. The device can be used in various medical operations such as treating multiple medical conditions, help to perform a complicated procedure and to drain fluids from the body. There some catheters that can be left inside the body to treat a particular disease.

Inserting the catheter inside the body and in the correct location is not as easy as it sounds, as one has to be precise to prevent interference of the inner organs. The methods generally used by medical practitioners is the use of an X-ray which has long-term effects when frequently used. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging can be alternatively used for tracking, but their disadvantages is that they can be bulky and therefore hard to use while operating.

Dr. Saad developed a machine that would quickly locate the catheter without necessarily having a side effect. The science behind the tool is implementing electromagnetic energy that is used to find the catheter which has been developed in a way that is recognizable by the device. When the doctor is performing the procedure, he uses the machine to send signals to the catheter that allows secure location and control. Learn more:

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