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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Makeup Creates Arresting Beauty

For many of us, makeup becomes a routine, almost like a uniform that we safely put on every day. After a while, the look and colors become stale, boring, old-fashioned. That’s one reason Lime crime came to be, and today, the makeup brand is soaring in popularity. Lime Crime’s Instagram page alone, has captured the essence of social media influence, garnering more than 2.4 million followers.


In a fascinating interview with, the company’s CEO and founder launched Lime Crime makeup in 2008. She wanted to level the playing field and kind of mess with the big girl cosmetics companies. Those giants seemed to be controlling the beauty landscape for decades, telling women the colors and type of makeup that was “proper” for society.


Russian-born Doe Deere wasn’t interested in old, traditional cosmetics. She always adored bright colors that defined a mood, moment and one’s sexuality. So, she created her brand to bring bold and beautiful makeup to a new beauty movement. Shades like Squash, Shroom, Peacock and Cement were lipstick colors no one had ever dared put on, until Doe Deere put them on. Her brand quickly picked up a global following, and women and men gained self-empowerment breaking the beauty boundaries.


Lime Crime turns heads, and it’s playful and strong. Doe Deere always samples her designs on herself first. She wants to wear it, feel it and allow it to work its magic. She believes in her brand, because this is the type of makeup she uses for self-expression. To Doe Deere, makeup should be ever-changing like fashion and hair color. All three work together to create a look and sense of personal style. Doe Deere is a social media darling and enjoys interacting with her major fan base. They inspire each other and share their makeup looks on the social media stage.


Doe Deere has put her whole life into her Lime Crime brand, working long hours in the office, developing new cosmetics in the lab with chemists, collaborating with her creative director and so on. Her determination and faith in her abilities is paying off big time. Doe Deere is now recognized as a role model for young businesswomen. She was recently named to Self-Made magazine’s “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” and graced their cover with female business titans Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington.


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