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Dick DeVos’s West Michigan Aviation Academy Offered Aircraft and $150,000 Worth of Scholarship

West Michigan is an aviation college established in 2010, by Dick DeVos after a lot of encouragement from his wife. The tuition-free institution is located on the grounds of Gerald Ford International Airport, West Michigan.

The school originally accommodated 80 freshmen, juniors and sophomores but three years down the line, the high school has a capacity of approximately 500 students in a 42,500 square feet building.

Two years ago, West Michigan Aviation Academy was offered a scholarship and an aircraft from the Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Government Relations at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Louis Seno. The scholarship amounting over $150,000 was aimed at supporting students who were intended to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the next 20 years. The scholarship also entailed the donation of the late vice president father’s Corben Junior Ace aircraft to be displayed at the aviation schools at Gerald Ford International Airport.

Their partnership with the school would unite the power of education and aviation, share in their history and give back to the upcoming generation of aviators.

Each year, two graduates from West Michigan Aviation who wanted to join Embry-Riddle University would be offered $7500 to cater for their aviation fees.

The owner of the school, Dick DeVos expressed his gratitude, saying that the school would offer their graduates even more extended opportunities. He said that the lives of many graduates would change as a result of Seno and his wife’s generosity. The scholarship came shortly after Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation unveiled that they would offer $240000 in scholarship and funding to graduates of West Michigan Aviation earlier in February 2014.

And as Dick DeVos says, the school will continue to pursue growth, provide a rigorous education curriculum that is centered on aviation to prepare graduates for unlimited opportunities including college education, career success, and engaged citizenship. To stay up to date with what WMAA is doing, you can visit their website at

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