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Davos the Perfect Choice for Real Estate

Real estate investment is one of the fastest growing business in the economy today. I mean, from all over the universe, families keep on expanding. Parents are more concerned about the future of their children and grandchildren. With the profits harvested from the real estate businesses, more clients look for good real estate agents. It would be more profitable and secure for you as a client to put your money where you would get high returns. At Davos Real Estate Group, you get the best investment rates when it comes to property investment.

Chaired by the chief executive officer Mr. David Osio, they have generated a new mobile application to assist their clients and prospective customers in various ways. The name of the mobile application is Davos CAP Calculator directly originating from the name of the chief executive officer David Osio. The Davos Real Group has been your partner in the real estate business assisting you in making sensitive mortgaging decisions. With the new mobile application, you as a client will be able to approximate your rent based on the bank statements directly.

It will save you time because the operations will run online. Davos CAP Calculator has enabled the company to engage in business with international companies across the world. Some of the continents involved in the Davos Real Estate because of the Davos CAP Calculator include Europe and Spain.

David Osio is the current chief executive officer and founder of the Davos Financial Group abbreviated as (DFG). As a qualified marketer, David Osio served as the principal advisor for the group. Consistently advising investors in the real estate business, David Osio focused on offering clients the best through his employees. His tasks include:
• Team leading and supervision
• Customer management
• Market definition

Having studied at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello one of the best universities in Venezuela, David Osio graduated out of Law school with the degree. That is how he acquired his expertise in the field of financial advisory. Mr. Osio furthered his studies at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores enabling him to be a qualified supervisor in its area of practice. Mr. Osios’ final academic qualification was at the New York Financial Institute where he sharpened his skills in financial matters. Mr. Osio holds the title of being one of the best existing financial advisor in the real estate business with a passion for charity works. Amongst the charity works he is involved with:
• Children’s Orthopedic Hospital physically located in Venezuela
• Wayuu Taya Foundation

Mr. Osio is not only good in business and charitable works but also talented in arts. He is a staunch member of The Miami Symphony Orchestra. With that said, Mr. Osio is a smart academician as well as a famous business man with a clear understanding of what his work.

Follow his blog and Twitter – @davidosio1

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