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Cotemar’s Success In The Oil And Gas Industry

With over thirty six years of skills and experience in the oil and gas service industry, Cotemar continues to make a name for itself. The company offers three services to the clients. The company develops their clients offshore oil fields and maintains them to confirm to their specifications. It also offers transportation of personnel and other products to the clients and finally offers accommodation for the clients. The company concentrates on training their employees are who are useful in ensuring that the clients get what they are paying for and more. The company works with Petroleos Mexicanos and other big firms in the oil and gas industry for these services.



Cotemar takes so much pride for their philosophy. The company uses technology and their skilled employees to produce hydrocarbons following sustainable methods. The organization ensures that they meet the competencies set aside and ensure a level of professionalism all the time. Their commitment to their clients pushes them to doing all it takes to make them happy and satisfied. Their commitment to the environment entails creating awareness of the dangers of air and environmental pollution. The code of ethics at Cotemar is well detailed and communicated, which is the main contributor of the company’s success.



Over the last years, the company has fueled the petroleum silent revolution in Mexico. The company has been in the industry for decades and is one of the biggest employers. The company has several units comprising of food and hospitality, engineering departments and also accounts among others. In all these departments the company hires staff who are trained and helped to achieve growth and development in their careers.



The current general director is Sir. Humberto, who works tirelessly with the rest of the staff to ensure that the company’s goals and objectives are met, always. Moreover he leads the management to ensure that employees are appreciated and treated well. Working at Cotemar is indeed a pleasant environment. The company offers accommodation meals and recreational facilities for their employees as well. They are encouraged to unwind at the hotels which gives them a sense of belonging and fulfillment in working for the company.


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