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Chris Burch and the Future of Fashion and Technology

Chris Burch has come out as a man of many talents. Apart from being the CEO of highly successful companies, he is a fashion guru who follows trends in scientific advancements. His two successful companies have seen him become noted as a billionaire in the cover of Forbes. His background in the technology industry has seen him compare fashion and technology. Quite often, he speaks about the relationship between fashion and technology. He has talked about how one industry has propelled the other to development.


Chris Burch wrote an article about technology and fashion in the past. He illustrated the example by using how music and technology are related. There was the introduction of the boom box in the early 70s. What made the product a success was that it added an aesthetic appeal to the owner. Apart from that, the product was featured in several films. Later in the 80s, the boom box increased its values, and it became the talk in several television and radio station outlets. That showed a deep relationship between fashion and the culture at that time. Later in the 90s, the Walkman hit the markets. It was a smaller radio that became more fashionable to carry. Many people that bought the product purchased it for its aesthetic appeal.


Burch went ahead to talk about the different advancements in fashion and how it has protected people. He noted that there was a system created which involved cyclists wearing protective gear around their necks. The system works like an airbag which pops out of the neckwear during accidents. It prevents injury on the cyclist’s head. Another fashion-forward trend that Burch discussed was with the application of Frontline Gloves used by firefighters. The gloves allow firefighters to use basic hand gestures to let others know whether everything is okay or not. Other hand gestures let people know whether it is time to evacuate a location.


Chris Burch has always shown an interest in technology and fashion. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, and he serves as the Chief Operating Officer. The company has created several innovative solutions that are meant to cover market needs. Chris Burch has grown to become highly successful thanks to his creativity and imagination. Everyone in the company knows that Chris Burch has an eye for the emerging markets. Many people find his impact in the market as highly direct, positive, and one that causes a big impact on customers.

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