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Boost Your Reputation With A Wikipedia Page

The Brangelina divorce has had some unintended consequences for fellow actress Marion Cotillard. Her Wikipedia page has been ravaged by angry trolls who blame her for being the culprit behind the split of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. One edit changed her occupation from actress to being the reason why Brad and Angelina filed for divorce. Another edit later on, listed her occupation as a cheater along with actress and singer.

The attack on Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia page shows that nobody is immune to their attacks on their reputation on the web. Wikipedia revisions that slandered Marion Cotillard have been removed since, but their effects are being felt and shared. The incident shows that one must be vigilant and keep an eye out for such defamation.

When you take the time to make a Wikipedia page it can be a great tool to boost your reputation. The reason is because Wikipedia is often ranked at the top of Google search engine results. It is also considered to be a very credible source that garners trust from people. Wikipedia is viewed as an encyclopedia with factual information. If you have content about yourself or your business on Wikipedia, then this should establish credibility to your name.

Being at the top of search engine results can mean that your Wikipedia page can increase your exposure on the web. This can be beneficial for marketing purposes. If your page contains positive content it can also be one more page that showcases the good of your business. Don’t underestimate the effect of Wikipedia page creation. It can establish credibility to your name, help your drown out negative press and reviews and increase trust among consumers.

One of the reason’s why Wikipedia has such a strong reputation for being factual and credible is the rules and regulations for Wikipedia entries. There must be sources to any material. The information must also be accurate and fact based with no spin to try and distort any negative information. For this reason Wikipedia is trusted and viewed by millions of people.

Of course, doing research is no easy feat. You must take great pains to gather sources and to then link to them back in a Wikipedia entry. When you create a Wikipedia article must also follow an encyclopedic format. If you feel like this is too much of a hassle, but want a Wikipedia entry, there is a solution. Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing service that can create a fully compliant article about your company.

You will have to hire Get Your Wiki, but think of all the benefits you will have. You will have a highly credible article about your business that ranks very high in search engine results. Get Your Wiki can also monitor articles to prevent attacks such as in the Brangelina case. Articles can also be translated into other languages. Check out Get Your Wiki for more information or to get a quote for yourself.

Wikipedia: An Important Way to Build Your Name

These days, there are many ways to get your name out there with so many avenues of social media. However, some are more important and more vital than others. One of those that many people use today and have great success with is Wikipedia. It helps people know who you are, what you have accomplished, and your history. It’s like a resume online that sums up all of the important details of your life and what you have done in your line of work. Thankfully, there is a new tool that helps Wikipedia editors translate articles.

In case you were unfamiliar with the power of Wikipedia, know this: it exists in over 300 languages. That means not only do you get an American audience, you get an audience all over the world that is interested in you and your Wikipedia business page creation. That is a lot of people to reach and a lot of people that are made aware of your existence. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting your foot in the door. With Wikipedia, more people than ever can Google your name, find your name, or learn about your business or brand.

Brand is a word that is tossed around a lot these days and for good reason: it means something. Your brand is what you represent and your core beliefs. It helps people get to know you, understand you, and have a clear vision for your ideas. This new tool makes it easy for Wikipedia editors for hire to notice entries that might be missing or overlooked. Site editors work hard making Wikipedia revisions and sometimes they need a little help.

With so many entries and so much knowledge being thrown their way, it is important they have all of the tools they need to succeed. It makes it easier for both the editors and the person wanting to expand and grow on their page. They don’t want a page with errors or missing items. They want a page that stands out and gives all of the information they need in all possible languages. This tool is going to change the way that people look at Wikipedia and help them out. Everyone wins with this tool and that’s the true beauty of it.

This is why hiring Wiki writers from a trusted service such as Get Your Wiki can be a good idea for your business or brand. Hire a Wikipedia writer to make your article for you that is accurate and will bring your business more customers as it will help spread the word about your company or brand. Make a Wiki page in a snap when you employ the services of a Wikipedia writing company to find the perfect Wikipedia writer for hire for you and your business.